DISCLAIMER: Codex Venator is one shared campaign for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, created by Andrea Lucca, Alex Melluso and Enrico Romeo. The setting Codex Venator deals with issues such as racism; misogyny; explicit violence; religious extremism; experiments on living creatures; power abuse; limitations on personal freedom and occultism. This is not a setting with light themes and, for this reason, it is good that the reading is reserved for an adult audience.
In no case do the authors of these stories, of the adventures of Codex Venator or of other material derived from it intend to support or justify illegal behavior that is detrimental to the dignity of people.
Codex Venator's Ordo Fabularis thanks Magister Sermonis Alice Gritti for correcting the texts.

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The following diary contains spoilers on the second season of Codex Venator Napoli.

Chronicles of the Dreamlike Wayfarer
Diaries of Heilsèn Borbone: Introduction

Today I dreamed for the first time.
It had never happened to me, in all my life, never, not even once. I remember the darkness of that dream, being suspended in nothingness, but above all, I remember that Voice. A deep voice, which in a calm tone repeated incessantly a single word: "NODENS". Then I woke up.
Open my eyes, still confused, I immediately felt the need to write everything in this diary. I don't know what pushed me to do it: if the need to try to clarify my mind, or simply to put my thoughts on paper. Probably neither of them, but as usual, it was only a gesture dictated by Instinct, that Instinct that has guided my actions since I remember it.
I look towards the horizon and in the distance I can see, illuminated by the first light of dawn, the City of Naples, and a strange nostalgia pervades my soul. More than ten years ago, when I was just a child, I left with my father leaving this city. My memories of it are few and clouded, yet, I feel like I have finally come home. 

I feel my head slamming and my hands shaking as I write these words. When I arrived in the city, I never expected to experience the terrible events of today, I never thought I would find myself so upset.
I try to calm down and rearrange my thoughts, albeit with difficulty. The whirlwind of emotions that is affecting me does not allow me to think clearly.

Let's start with order: this morning, when I reached the place where the walls once stood, I found myself in a battlefield, where Cacciatori and Abomini fought furiously. Among them, I immediately recognized the Head of the family, Madame Marjorie Borbone, who stood out incredibly in the midst of the multitude of creatures. Watching her fight was indescribable, it can be said that I was not witnessing a clash, but a dance! I saw her move with grace in the midst of the Abominations who died as she passed, surrounded by streams of their blood without even a drop resting on her splendid dress. I managed to talk to her later in a tent, while taking a moment's rest, to introduce myself and ask her about Eleonora, whom I really wanted to meet. Unfortunately I learned with deep pain that my cousin, when she had to choose whether to fight the Clan or to ally herself with it, preferred to join our enemies. I did not understand the reason for this choice but, intimidated by the Head of the family, I did not dare ask for explanations.

After the interview, when I thought that nothing would have excited me as much as having known Madame Marjorie in person, I had to change my mind: shortly afterwards, I also met the Flame of Vesuvius *. His mere presence made me feel insignificant, so much was the strength and energy that emanated his person. His gaze rested on me paralyzing me, and I could hardly bow and deliver the letter my father wrote to allow me to enter the Order of the Rosicrucians.
Fortunately for me, the Lady accepted the request and told me what I believe is my first mission for the Order. He told me to "follow the Bells" when I hear them, the same Bells that Pulzella d'Orleans also hears. I have already heard this name in the past, I remember it was the title with which the Meneghini Hunters call their Inquisitor ... or was it the Siniscalco? It doesn't matter, I wish I could go to Milan to talk to Pulzella, but unfortunately my place is here in Naples, to support and help the city. And in this regard, a few hours later I participated in a mission to go to the rescue of the Neapolitan nobles.

Following the instructions of the head of the family, I met the other hunters in the crypts of the city, to organize ourselves and go to save our companions imprisoned in the Maschio Angioino. My heart jumped when I found out that they had received a letter from Eleonora, with instructions to enter without being seen in the Castle. I was so happy to find that his betrayal was actually a plan to save those who didn't give up on the clan. With this information, it was not too difficult to save the imprisoned Nobles, among whom, to my amazement, I also found a close friend. I never thought I'd see Damian here again after so long. Years have passed since those few months when we hunted together in the Wild Lands, and seeing him again was an immense joy for me.

Unfortunately, the happiness experienced at that moment ceased a few moments later when, once we left the Castle, we were informed by a Forgiato that the Dogma was executing the householder Sansevero at the stake.

Arriving at the place indicated by the automaton, we found ourselves in front of the flames that were burning the Noble Sansevero with his Remembrant. I don't understand how all this was possible, how Dogma could have done such a thing. My father had warned me of the dangers of this city, of the nobles and of those capable of performing horrible acts, such as the one I witnessed today in the square in front of the Dogma headquarters. But finding myself in front of a stake, of a Head of Household in addition, terrified me terribly, more than I ever imagined. If I think about it, I still see before my eyes that last blue blaze, which flared up as poor Remembrant died, for a fault she didn't have.

I wonder what will happen to me if they found out about. Marjorie promised to protect me, she assured me that there is nothing to fear, yet I saw her there, staring at the flames, helpless, like all of us.
I'm afraid ... I'm so afraid, but I won't run away! I ignored my father's warnings and I came to this City because this was my duty as a Slayer, and therefore I will remain hunting in spite of everything. I fearlessly faced the horrible horrors outside, and it will not be the Dogmatists or the Nobles to stop me from protecting this city.
Nonetheless, I am afraid, so much fear ...

*: Huntress whose name has been lost, which became a symbol of Imperial power in Naples. By offering her loyalty, it is possible to enter the Order of the Rosicrucians and receive missions to search for Kadath