DISCLAIMER: Codex Venator is one shared campaign for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, created by Andrea Lucca, Alex Melluso and Enrico Romeo. The setting deals with issues such as racism; misogyny; explicit violence; religious extremism; experiments on living creatures; power abuse; limitations on personal freedom and occultism. This is not a setting with light themes and, for this reason, it is good that the reading is reserved for an adult audience.
In no case do the authors of these stories, of the adventures of Codex Venator or of other material derived from it intend to support or justify illegal behavior that is detrimental to the dignity of people.
The Ordo Fabularis thanks Magister Sermonis Alice Gritti for writing the story.

Codex Venator

35 days from the Discovery

I am watching them.
I've been living with them for seven days now. I feel the need, however risky, to begin transcribing some of the more dissonant elements that I know.
One day, perhaps, when someone asks me again about their soul, I will know how to answer.

They reacted with something like surprise when I introduced myself to them. They somehow felt the need to… consult. I was very surprised.
They didn't know who I was at the time, I had to take caution for my protection. I still do not understand what they are and what they mean for our city, but I have seen the calculation and the lethal precision with which they work in battle: if they had not convinced me of my good predisposition towards them, Bianca Trivulzio would have left nothing.
Always something is really left of her.

But they listened. Long months of human debates and plans, of agreements and politics between Hunters, are only for them a breath a second. Processing. Causes and consequences. Chance.
Prophetess, they called me.
It was only a moment, but I thought I saw it: a glimmer of gratitude. A blink of an eye later, he was gone.
There must be something, it must not be a whole joke of technology. They cannot be the objects that everyone believes. I pray, I pray, I pray every night to make it so.

As for me, the experiments have started. Details will follow.