Carmen Sandiego is a character born for educational video games later became famous thanks to the animated series of the 90s. It follows the style of the gentlewoman thief and, before a hit, announces the thing publicly to create the challenge to investigators who will try to arrest her. He heads a criminal organization called VILE, but maintains a strict moral code.

By the late 2000s, the character had fallen by the wayside in the XNUMXs, until the day Netflix decided to finance the reboot from the series with Gina Rodriguez and Finn Wolfhard.

Plot and number of episodes by Carmen Sandiego

The first series, which can be safely watched on a weekend, counts 9 episodes lasting about half an hour.

Unlike the animated series of the nineties, the plot has been scrambled to bring out the character of Carmen in a positive way.

The synopsis is very simple: Black Sheep she is an orphan raised on a tropical island by an organization called VILE. The young girl grows up with the students of the school for thieves which is managed by the same people who adopted her. Not having a real name, she was given the code name of Black Sheep as a child.

Becoming the youngest student in the academy for criminals, she fails in the final exam (sabotaged by a teacher) and infiltrates the first mission of her former classmates. He will discover that theft is not a game in the real world and that VILE is an organization of supervillains.

From that day, Black Sheep abandons everything and everyone and dedicates his life to sabotage and punish VILE adopting the identity of Carmen Sandiego.

Characters of Carmen Sandiego

The characters and the didactic aspect, which we will discuss later, are the real heart of this reboot commissioned by Netflix.

Although the series bears her name and she is in fact the protagonist, Carmen is only the center of events around which revolve a myriad of characters.

Without spoiling or descending into long-winded character lists, the series counts about ten members of VILE, each very different from the other and with an interesting story behind it, and six positive characters. The plurality of personalities within the episodes helps the narration and manages to make its contribution to the image of Carmen, who comes out more as a wise leader than simply as a thief.

The didactic aspect of the series

Carmen's character, as we mentioned above, was created for a series of geographic themed educational video games. Investigators had to find and stop Carmen and, to do so, they had to know the country where she was hiding well.

In the animated series of Netflix this aspect returns predominant. After the first two episodes, which serve to introduce the story of the character, the subsequent ones start with a moment of study on the countries of the episode. For each nation, topics such as population, culture, parties, most famous dishes and main imported and exported goods are addressed. It's a great way to raise awareness and acculturate the younger audience, to whom Carmen's character has always turned.

Carmen Sandiego is a series that caters to a young audience, not to those who have played the first chapters or have seen the series of the nineties, and as such it addresses itself with a more modern animation style, less tied to aesthetic beauty and more to the simplicity of the concepts.

The new story and the new role of the characters do not pollute the beauty of the character and its possible uses. We sincerely hope Netflix will order when the second season first, especially given the finale of the first season.