La Capitol it is the largest and the most differentiated among the five existing megacorporations, supported and governed by the principles of democracy and liberalism. Does it remind you of anything?

The events that, in the universe of Mutant Chronicles, developed around this corporation, you can find them in these articles (Part I e Part II). Today, however, we will deal with discovering the background of the Capitol, deepening in this way the so-called "Conquerors of Mars".

Think how funny: the Red Planet conquered by a Stars and Stripes Megacorporation.

Very small disclaimer: the article is characterized by a high sarcastic content, in line with the kind of speeches that the corporation transmits throughout the Solar System.

Capitol the essence of Freedom

The Megacorporation Capitol it is in a constant struggle for freedom, a battle that began when its pioneers first set foot on the rockets that would take them away from the dying Earth. THE Capitol they know no doubt or hesitation, and the result can only be that of domination or, where not possible, annihilation.

“[…] And in the Sea of ​​Tranquility the pioneers raised the banners of the Capitol, conquering the Moon and then Mars. The Corporation grew to dominate humanity; his message was clear, simple and right. The culture it exported was generous and convincing. Wherever they went, the pioneers established a new colony.

Our brothers followed in their footsteps, but they were cast out, insulted and mocked by those presumptuous men. When the first sign of the awakening of Darkness was discovered, the pioneers shivered and sought refuge in the buildings they had built in the lunar deserts. Then our glorious brothers laid bare the weakness of the Capitol and its teachings, but it was too late.

Soon the guild began to bleed into endless wars. Yet those men resisted, clinging to even the slightest thread of hope, against the predictions of the Prophets and Seers: they had a strength that we did not suspect. Their courage was unmatched. This made the Capitol a real power, feared and respected. When the Capitol began its journey towards the Dark, the Era of Cardinal Nathaniel came "

From the Eighth Chronicle: “The Corporations and the Alliance” by Lucretii Marcellianus

Pay the price of Freedom!

Are your dreams big enough to fill the solar system? Are you ready to bask in glory and honor? Do you want everyone to know your face, whisper or cheer your name, or be ready to march alongside you as you go into battle?
If you are ready for all of this, then you are part of the Capitol!

You can have all this and more, but remember: nothing is free, not even freedom!

Everything must be paid for with credits, or with tears, blood and sweat. THE Capitol they were able to survive everything. From when the first Pioneers proudly planted their flag on the Moon to when they thwarted the first attack of theDark Legion, The Capitol has always wallowed in fatigue, despair and blood, coming out stronger and stronger!
In this corporation you can be whoever you want, you can kill whoever you want and you can do whatever you want, but you will have to have the courage to accept all the consequences and be ready to pay the price of Freedom!

A bit of history

La Capitol it was the first Megacorporation to establish a base on the Moon in the XNUMXst century and thus open the doors to human expansion into space. During this period, however, Earth was never forgotten. Its soldiers were actively engaged in suppressing the population that rose in revolt for lack of food.

In addition to this, he did not even withdraw from plundering every useful resource, even sacrificing a large part of the earth's population to achieve his goal: the well-being of its members. But this information has been erased from history.

During the XNUMXnd century, with the help of the Bauhaus, the terraforming of Mars, Mercury and Venus began. It was on the Red Planet that the Capitol made an incredible discovery: he found the remains of an ancient civilization ["Act of Force"(Paul Verhoeven, 1990), is that you? NdA].

At the beginning of the same century it was founded San Dorado, the largest city on Mars and the second largest in the Solar System. Eventually his engineers captured the asteroid Eos, which became the base of operations for the construction of the Megacorporation's space fleet.

The fall

When theArtificial intelligence began to lose control over the economic and social system, the Golden Age of humanity ended. Many technologies were lost and theDark Symmetry darkened the skies of the planets so heavily repopulated. Finally came theDark Legion.

It was only thanks to the birth of the Brotherhood, which put an end to Corporate Wars, that Humanity managed to save itself.

However, the signs of the invasion of the Dark Legion on Mars are still visible, as evidenced by the citadels of the fighters of the Dark. It is interesting to note that, in the last millennium, the attempts to eradicate this plague from the Martian soil have encountered several obstacles, mainly due to Imperial and their betrayal. When the ships of the Capitol flew up to destroy the fortresses of theDark Legion, the artillery of the Imperial, under the control of the survivors of the Clan Kingfield, shot down all air vehicles, thus exacerbating the hatred between the two megacorporations and preventing the liberation of the Martian territory.

Capitol vs. Cybertronic

Capitol Company

Freedom has a cost.

When a society exists to satisfy its population, with thoughts such as "Tell us what you want, we will produce it for you“, It is inevitable that this can become violent.
Close to the constant search for greater commercial shares, the Capitol it is characterized by the placing on the market of genres of any kind. Although such production is mass-produced and low-cost, the quality of these products is well accepted by the general public. This unscrupulous behavior, however, inevitably leads to social inequalities, the birth of organized crime, infiltration into it by the Mishima and many other problems in the population.

Let's consider the proliferation of gun ownership to begin with. When every citizen has the opportunity to access, not only a firearm, but also knives, blades or even flamethrowers, how can we conceive that violence is not part of the cultural substratum of this Megacorporation?

Is it normal, in your opinion, for a mother to go shopping at the market with a machete hidden under her jacket?
When people live their lives with their finger on the trigger, for all intents and purposes, it is not unusual to expect moments of killing spree. So everyone must be ready to defend themselves and defend freedom!

But it is especially in the slums that organized crime is tightening its tentacles. Not all citizens of this Megacorporation are examples of heroism and virtue. In fact, many see greed as an alternative way to get to power, a shortcut. Blackmail, smuggling, drug dealing, even safe havens for heretics, are just some of the fields where organized crime is at its best.

But don't think it's all bad. Justice Capitol it is fast and efficient. Anyone caught engaging in illegal activities will have the opportunity to serve their guilt. Whether they are days in prison, a pecuniary penalty, up to the death sentence or a penalty greater than death: being sent to the "Liberty Brigades".

The Capitol war machine

The basic principles of the strategy Capitol there are two: deterrence and retaliation. The basic philosophy of military training Capitol reads: "Be strong enough to scare any potential opponent, but if he attacks you anyway, totally destroy him in the shortest time possible.".

The army of this corporation is mostly based on infantry, without however disdaining a massive carpet bombing of the area to be attacked.

The special forces Capitol they are very varied and each of them is trained to fight in a specific environment.

I Sunset Strikers they are operative, trained on Mercury, who have learned martial arts from Mishima trainers. Some of them have also started training in the use of Ki powers. Most of them wear a Mishima sun bandana and a katana at their side.

I Free Marines I am the most famous of the special forces serving in the Capitol. Its members are employed throughout the Solar System. The units are composed almost exclusively of heroic soldiers who in the past have dishonored themselves and who now live only to rehabilitate themselves. These are a shining example of the Liberty Brigades.

Another truly unique body is the K-9 Departments, initially engaged against the Mishima infiltrators. The units, in addition to infantry soldiers, also feature at least one or two dogs trained by the corps Cleaning. These valid helpers are very useful for finding traces hidden from man, or for identifying hidden enemies or any ambushes. After all, the dog is man's best friend!

K-9 Capitol


True military power, the mission of the Capitol is to spread optimal economic conditions throughout the Solar System to expand its markets.

You are therefore ready, citizen, to do your part to make it great Capitol?

Remember citizen