Today we would like to spend some time analyzing Candela Obscura written by Rowan Hall and Spenser Starke.

Do you know this new RPG that was played on Critical Role's Twitch and Youtube channel a few days ago?
Do not?
Here, then, to begin with, catch the acronym!

Acronyms so hardly seen lately

Synopsis of Candela Obscura

Candela Obscura is a horror role-playing tabletop game (TTRPG) starring occult investigators whose goal is to hunt down dangerous supernatural forces that are raiding a world very similar to ours.

Candela Obscura it is also the name of the paranormal secret society charged with protecting the vast city of Newfaire, a city built on the ruins of an ancient fallen civilization, which still hears the rich echoes of the remnants of powerful magic. While they have worked to gather knowledge of this magic over the centuries, their understanding of these phenomena is still limited.

We know they come from a realm beyond our own, but what they want, and why they're there, is still a mystery to the inhabitants. As part of this organization, you will traverse the expansive landscape of Fairlands, facing unimaginable horrors in the crowded downtown streets of Varnish, investigating the strange disappearances in the cornfields of Tottergrass, even delving into the twisted, underground ruins of Oldfaire, to help stop these powerful supernatural entities from destroying the world.


Written in a similar cuneiform, sheep to slaughter, the horror bases are there

Game system and points of interest

The rules presented in the manual are based on the d6 system and the main basis of the game is investigation. Not only of the mysteries within the world, but above all of the mysteries and reports on the characters, on their wounds, scars and damage that such an investigation can bring. Think of something now lost the concept of "driving mad", present in a very strong way in "the Call of Cthulhu". Through the editions the concept of losing your mind has always diminished, or at least this is my perception…

Well, this game will try to have a major hinge on that investigation!
Let's take some examples:

My character was injured and now walks with a limp, so I move one point from Movement and put it on Observation. My character has new mobility limits and is in pain, so he will be slower to move. He will also be more attentive to his surroundings because he wants to avoid danger and protect the other members of his circle from harm.My character was injured and now walks with a limp, so I move a point from Observation and put it in Movement. My character is afraid of being hurt again, so he knows how to avoid her attacks and moves fast. Due to the new fear from his injury, he is more focused on moving quickly rather than paying attention to his surroundings.

Disability and mental illness are aspects of the human experience and are unconventional narrative elements behind evil deeds or 'evil people'. Players should build their characters carefully so they can fully explore the world of Candela Obscura. Due to the legacy of harmful portrayals of mental health in the horror genre, we wish to clarify: Brain signs represent mental and emotional stress.

These are very strong and challenging topics at times, so could a great paragraph about the security systems in the game be missing? Never and thank goodness too! I still think back to the days when the "master gods" drove players crazy so much because they felt like it. Luckily things have improved a bit.


So does this quickstart contain anything valid?

First, we invite you to go and download it from the site Darrington Press or, if you really prefer, from that of Critical Roll. You will find everything you need to embark on your first adventure, which you will find within the quickstart itself, while the pre-generated character sheets will be downloadable directly from the Darrington Press website.

So arm yourself with six-sided dice, safety measures and a great desire to play!

Candela Obscura
Mesmer call a doctor!

Conclusions on Candela Obscura

Once you have it in your hands, tell me what you think. I see a good Gaslight Fantasy/Steampunk/Gothic Horror RPG in which you will be called to take your place in the ranks of a secret society. If this weren't enough to convince you, think of everything you can do with this product. I already have a couple of campaigns in mind that, of course, I'll never play!

Apart from that, after reading the quickstart, I may have found the only role-playing game of the last period that I think I would like to buy and put not in the library but on a gaming table!
Now the hope is that some Italian publisher is interested in the project and decides to bring it to our country as soon as possible. And when I say ASAP I mean before the US publication itself!

The important thing is to believe it, right?

Give it a chance!