La Brotherhood, the light that dispels the shadows ofDark Symmetry.

In the last few weeks we have been telling the story of Mutant Chronicles (part I, part II °) and presented the greatest enemy of Humanity: theDark Legion. Today is the time to speak instead of the source of all salvation: the Brotherhood.

Before launching into examining the Brotherhood in all its splendor, we read the words of the First Chronicle:

Then Nathaniel turned his gaze on the world, and all he saw was Evil. The world was in ruins. Civil wars raged on endless battlefields, and brother fought his brother in the chaos we had inherited. We had turned the cradle of humanity into a black grave. Traitors and renegades hid in the shadows. Outside the city limits roamed mutant creatures and monsters from the wells of darkness. Then the veil was lifted and Nathaniel saw the light.

He saw the tortuous way of salvation, and felt the heat of the purifying fire that would eradicate Evil from the world, and restore the Light to humanity. A great power arose within Nathaniel, and he discovered that he could shape the powers of the night by will alone. Once again he looked upon the world and spoke: 'May this be the end of the Darkness and the beginning of the Light that will shine upon the world and men forever.' And men of faith gathered around him, and appointed him their guide.

Thus was born the Brotherhood, to fight against the Darkness. Nathaniel was the First Cardinal. He took up the banners of Justice and Good and lit the lamp of Redemption. And the Light returned to shine on the world, illuminating the skies. Men ended their wars, saw the Light and wondered where it would lead them. "

From the First Chronicle.
"The Descent of Darkness and the Call of the Cardinal" by Alxander Horatio

The foundation and structure of the Brotherhood

When the Megacorporations went to war against each other and the darkness ofDark Symmetry swept across the solar system, three brothers, Nathaniel, Alexander e Peter durand they promoted ideals of peace and brotherhood by helping the poor and the destitute. They were wealthy and began to use their resources to bring comfort, but their commitment was like a drop falling on a mountain. But it is also true that even the mountains are leveled by so many drops. Thus, when the three brothers disappeared, the charitable organizations, which they had helped to be born, continued their work.

With the disappearance of the brothers even their names, over the years, were forgotten. But when the war between the Megacorporations was about to enter its fifth decade, the three emerged from the jungles of Venus. It was no longer just philanthropists and philosophers who had spent their possessions to give the poor a better chance, now they had also become experts in corporate politics and finance.

All the alliances they had forged over the years, all the economic games, were collected. The Solar System stock market shook as all subsidiary, freelance assets piped into the Durand Foundation. In less than a year free medical clinics, shelters for the homeless, soup kitchens, sprang up in the major cities of the internal systems and their fame grew.

They then moved to Luna and here they began to preach about the evil to come. They declared themselves masters ofArt, a sort of mystical power that allowed them to perform real miracles and forced the megacorporations to sign a peace treaty within a year. Obviously they did not accept this order and sent hired assassins to kill the brothers. All the assassins were arrested and taken in chains before Nathaniel Durand who proposed to each of them to join their crusade against Evil. All but ten accepted. When these were freed one sprinted towards Nathaniel extracting a hidden blade, but found himself struck by a lightning bolt from the power of the Art. Following this show of force, within a week, the megacorporations signed a peace treaty.

Thus was born the Brotherhood.

The First Directorate

Il First Directorate it's that of gods Mystics, divided into Minor Cells dedicated to the study of the different aspects ofArt. The first followers ofArt they studied under the guidance of Peter durand, who introduced them to the Light and showed them the way to unlock their potential.
THEArt is the main tool of which the Brotherhood disposes to face theDarkness, to fight their unnatural powers and their dark technology.
However it is not the only purpose, it is also employed to help humanity thrive and survive.

And that has been the case for the thousand years that followed. The first followers ofArt are remembered as i Guardians of Art and their teachings are handed down and expanded by those who have followed them over the centuries, called now Elected of the Art.

The Second Directorate

Il Second Directorate is that ofInquisition, divided into numerous Minor Cells including those of Inquisitors, Sacred Warriorsand Safety and Investigations.

The members of this Directorate are real warriors and stand side by side against the hordes ofDark Legion and the pitfalls ofDark Symmetry. With their weapons forged in humanity's finest factories and the powers of the Skill, these warriors are the first line of defense against terror.

Alexander Durand he founded this Directorate assisted by his brother TT, in training forArt for their warriors, with the aim of eradicating Evil at its root, the elimination of heretics, the localization of artifacts and the full-fledged formation of a militia. Only later with the attack of theDark Legion, from a militia this body was transformed into a real army.

In Second Directorate stands out an elite body made up of infallible warriors, i Mortifier. Nobody, or almost, knows of their existence and their task of silently eliminating prominent figures now corrupt from theDark Symmetry. This choice of using silent assassins skilled in deception is necessary to avoid causing panic among the population.

Mortificator of the Brotherhood

Two words about Art

Overwhelmed by the overwhelming forces of the Dark Legion, Mankind was close to defeat when, with his infinite wisdom, Cardinal Nathaniel awakened an ancient dormant Power: Mystical Art.

This ability allowed us to reshape reality in a similar way to that of Dark Symmetry: we could finally fight and hope for victory. Despite many years spent studying this sacred energy, no one has yet been able to pinpoint its limits. There is no doubt, however, in the fact that only pure of heart can make use of the fundamental aspects that are intertwined in Power "

From the Sixth Chronicle. "The Crusades and the Inquisition" by Galileo Achrostides

The discovery ofArt by family members Durand is perhaps the strongest defense weapon againstDark Symmetry. Developed on the planet Venus by the three Durand brothers, it has grown a lot over the centuries.

The study ofArt it starts from an early age and those who are sensitive to this power are isolated from the rest of the Solar System. The study and deepening are a priority over any other interest. As the only weapon against darkness, those who possess it are bound to live in the Light.

But what is art actually and what is its history?

Over the centuries some humans had developed a rudimentary connection with theArt and this can be found in the myths and legends scattered throughout history. It was only with the advent of the three brothers that the study ofArt and its growth experienced a strong acceleration.

Do you want the powers ofDark Symmetry had to be stemmed, you want Humanity to be on the verge of collapse, theArt it was understood as a kind of connection between the human mind and the forces of the universe. In our previous article onDark Legion we talked about how the Black planet was devastated by meteor storms, remember? Perhaps the same forces of the universe that want theDark Symmetry destroyed they strengthened humanity with the powers of art.

The origins ofArt they are still obscure and in the thousand years of study no one has yet found answers. In addition to the volumes in which the spell formulas of theArt, members of the Brotherhood they study the powers of the latter also through the relics recovered from Second Directorate and cataloged by Third Directorate.

Relics and artifacts contain many powers that are often too dangerous. L'Art it allows to purge this power even going so far as to destroy such objects. However, it is only through study and knowledge that Evil can be annihilated.

The Third Directorate

Il Third Directorate he is called by everyone The mission. Its task is to spread the message of the Brotherhood studying and preaching everywhere the Credo to keep it alive in the hearts of men. The task of this Directorate is that of assistance to the population. Of all the organizations that report to the Brotherhood this is the most extensive. Those who hear the call in old age and decide to vote their lives to help others become part of the Mission.

Another of their duties is to catalog and control the artifacts brought to them by the Second Directorate and to keep alive every discovery and invention made by humanity. A sort of time capsule for the future.

A copy of the Chronicles and Books of the Law in uncensored version, but these are not freely available as the documents at the Fourth Directorate.

The Fourth Directorate

Il Fourth Directorate is to rely onAdministration. This deals with all those activities necessary for the functioning of the Brotherhood and the supervision of the activities of megacorporations. Through politicians, businessmen, diplomats and ambassadors there Brotherhood pushes the megacorporations to support it with funding and donations.

Each tool is valid for this organism to achieve its purpose. Excommunications, inquisitions, threats and blackmail. The battle againstDark Legion must be won at all costs and the Brotherhood he will do everything in his power to defend Humanity.


Sacred Warriors, Inquisitors, Arcangeli, Mortifier, these are just some of the members of the Brotherhood. However, you must not limit yourself to thinking that they are only warriors willing to do anything to eliminate theDark Symmetry. Of course the end justifies the means, a well-targeted murder can upset and slow down the plans of the enemy, but it is above all through works of charity that the Darkness is faced.

Understanding their plans is complicated. There Brotherhood it must try to maintain a balance between the megacorporations and the population. It must try to stop wars between human beings because, otherwise, theDark Legion it would have an easy time. Their role is complex and difficult, but one thing is certain, they will do anything for the human species.

So I leave you a question, should you ever join the Brotherhood, to which Directorate would you vote for it?