The Kickstarter campaign Broken Compass: Adventure Is Back! it is a success. The Two Little Mice RPG surpasses € 140.000 in just a few days.

The role-playing game Broken Compass it was one of the Italian titles with a successful Kickstarter that we saw in 2020. And that's no surprise, as it was created by Two Little Mice and illustrated by Daniela Giubellini, already behind the success of Household, award winner Role-Playing Game of the Year in 2019. In 2021, then, this team also gave life to Dante's role-playing game Inferno, which will be published in Italy by Acheron Books, formerly a publishing house of Brancalonia.
We Seekers had talked about Broken Compass preview in this article, to then review the quickstart in this other article. Indeed, we had even given a small contribution to the manual Luck Tales, writing a short adventure titled The Search for Atlantis.

This year Broken Compass returns to the fore with a new series of projects and expansions, one strong community now very close and affectionate. The Kickstarter was therefore launched these days Adventure Is Back!, which collects a new series of settings in which to set the daredevil adventures of Broken Compass.
We had already talked about the game system of Broken Compass, the Fortune System, already in previous articles, so in this we will focus directly on the news of Adventure Is Back!.
You can see the Kickstarter page here!

Broken Compass: Adventure Is Back!
The main manuals of Broken Compass: Adventure Is Back!

The new settings of Broken Compass: Adventure Is Back!

The Kickstarter of Broken Compass: Adventure Is Back! offers new settings in which to set their adventures.
In fact, Broken Compass is an adventure role-playing game, based on a very dynamic game system, in which the protagonists will be in search of a mythical treasure.
Inspired by titles such as Indiana Jones e Uncharted, this game had already proposed two main settings in its first Kickstarter. The first is the basic setting, set in 1999. The second is Golden Age, which presents adventures in the thirties, in full style Raiders of the Lost Ark.

In Adventure Is Back! Two new main settings were presented, called Seasons.
The first is Jolly Roger, that is, a setting that re-proposes the spirit (also intended as alcohol) of the golden age of eighteenth-century piracy in the Caribbean. You can already hear the de soundtrack in the background The Pirates of the Caribbean, of Black Sails and Assassin's Creed Black Flag, Right?
The second setting is Voyages Extraordinaires, which takes up the classic adventures narrated by Jules Verne. From Around the world in eighty days a Twenty thousand leagues under the seas, Up to From the Earth to the Moon, the nineteenth-century steampunk adventures are certainly not lacking.

Besides Jolly Roger e Voyages Extraordinaires, the Kickstarter of Broken Compass: Adventure Is Back! it also presents a new manual with regulatory content. It is about What If?, which will present both tools to model the regulation to your liking Broken Compass, and new very special mini-scenarios, all unlocked via stretch goal.

How is the Kickstarter of Broken Compass: Adventure Is Back!?

The Kickstarter of Broken Compass: Adventure Is Back! it started on Tuesday 11st May and will end on 30st May.
The initial goal is to €10.000.
In addition to the manuals Jolly Roger, Voyages Extraordinaires e What If?, several other physical materials are also presented. We have two screens of the game master, new dice and the map in the world and the Caribbean.
The available pledges are as follows:

  • digital explorer (€ 24). It will contain the three manuals and the Luck Tales manual in PDF, along with all the digital stretch goals;
  • Pirates and Gentlemen (€ 65). In addition to the digital rewards seen above, there will be paper manuals of Jolly Roger e Voyages Extraordinaires;
  • Adventurer (€ 69). In addition to the digital rewards of Digital Explorer, there will be the Basic Manual and one of the two Seasons of this Kickstarter (chosen by the pledger) in paper format;
  • Old Time Hero (110 €). In addition to the rewards of Pirate and Gentlmen, there will also be the dice, the game master screen, as well as all the physical stretch goals;
  • Hero (€ 165). All physical and digital rewards are obtained.
Materials unlocked with Broken Compass: Adventure Is Back!
Materials unlocked with Broken Compass: Adventure Is Back!

How is crowdfunding going?

Broken Compass: Adventure Is Back! he reached his goal in just 10 minutes and currently has exceeded € 140.000.
17 have also been unlocked stretch goals, which feature both physical merchandise and new scenarios in What If?. Here we just list the following settings:

  • Cosmic horror, designed to stage Lovecraft-style investigations;
  • Space Opera, i.e. how to play Star Wars with Broken Compass;
  • Gods and Men, to experience epic adventures in mythological ancient Greece;
  • Urban Legends, designed for supernatural urban adventures;
  • high School, that is adventures set in an American high school;
  • Good Boys, aka city adventures as pets;
  • Last on Earth, that is a post-apocalyptic setting;
  • Fantasy Quest, to experience classic fantasy adventures with the Broken Compass.

Some final thoughts

There is little to say: the creative team behind Broken Compass: Adventure Is Back! is unleashed!
This Kickstarter features a variety of surprising settings and offers, which lend themselves well to the type of adventures proposed by this title. There creativeness andinventiveness in the choice of certain new settings it is remarkable.
Personally, I am very interested in Space Opera, because I think the game system of Broken Compass it could marry well with the atmosphere of Star Wars.
But still the crowdfunding campaign is ongoing, so we will be looking forward to new goodies!