What is it Broken Compass? No, it is not a broken compass, or at least not as you imagine it! Broken Compass is the new project born from the mind of Two Little Mice. Returning from victory in the Role Play of the Year competition, with their first product, Household, in these complex times they decided to send us on an adventure with a new role-playing game.

Their deeds were such that they managed to reach Atlantis and so now we are here to talk to them. To write in our library about their travels, the treasures they brought back to life and, above all, if they found our enemies. The inhabitants of Mu.

I already hear some background music that will accompany us in our interview. We have to ask a few questions a Richard Sirignano and Simone Formicola before their ship sets off in search of that lost treasure they talk so much about!

First welcome to Atlantis. It is a pleasure to have you here with us. How about starting immediately and without further delay? Here is our first question.
What is that Broken Compass?

Broken Compass is an adventure role-playing game where players play Adventurers looking for a treasure.
In Broken Compass players play adventurers who travel the world in search of a treasure, going from large museums to dangerous jungles, from boundless deserts to ancient ruins and recreating the typical atmospheres of the adventure genre, from Indiana Jones a The Mummy passing through tomb raider ed Uncharted.

One of the promotional images of Broken Compass
One of the promotional images of Broken Compass

What is the game system?

We have been working on this for some time now. The system starts from what we used in Household (from which he takes the way to roll the dice) and evolves further.

For those who have not tried our first work, the tests are resolved through the launch of small pools of d6 and success is given by winning combinations (couples, three of a kind and so on), with the possibility of risking part of the successes obtained to try to improve the outcome of any action.

It is an agile and very system film, based on narration, which allows you to live the action quickly and to keep the rhythm high even in case of failure, which we are particularly fond of.

Broken Compass, one of the illustrations
Broken Compass, one of the illustrations

How Broken Compass the experience of Household?

Household it is our first work, thanks to which we even won the prize like Role-Playing Game of the Year and with which we appeared in this wonderful world.

Now Household he has a year of life and a wonderful and more active community than ever, we pulled the strings of the enormous experience gained by bringing our game around Italy. We have learned a lot and want to translate this baggage, as well as in the next releases of Household, which continue to keep us wonderfully engaged, even in this new project.

Taking the best of what the system is for us Household Volume I and integrating a series of new mechanics that simplify the game and transport it to a known and contemporary world.

Broken Compass, one of the illustrations

How come it was born Broken Compass?

Broken Compass it was born in unsuspected times, well before we even thought of entering the world of game design. It was born before like setting and then how work to play what we liked to play with our friends.

We have tried to re-propose all in terms of the game the stylistic elements, the archetypes and the troop of the films, series and video games that inspired us. It can be safely said that we spent a lot of afternoons looking and looking The Mummy or to play at Uncharted and to say "Ok, how do you do this?"

What is the goal of Broken Compass? How will the adventurous cinematic style of films like The Mummy o Indiana Jones?

The goal of Broken Compass is to give players all the tools they need to create scenes worthy of Indiana Jones. Escape from huge rolling boulders, fly planes in flames during a lightning storm, grab a liana suspended on an abyss while a small army of mercenaries shoot with everything they have.

The action will be the master, but the adventurers will have the Fortuna from them.

One of the promotional images of Broken Compass, which gives an idea of ​​the adventurous tone of this gdr
One of the promotional images of Broken compass, which gives an idea of ​​the adventurous tone of this RPG

How are you going to make it?

We can already anticipate that there will be one international Kickstarter campaign which will start shortly, with the game being made in both Italian and English.

A new one will also be available for free soon Quickstart,so that everyone can get a taste of the game and its dynamics before the campaign starts, you can request it by filling in this here.

Conclusions on Broken Compass

I will follow the development of this project with great interest because, in addition to the simplicity and the possibility of creating in a few minutes a story to tell with your players while having fun, the atmosphere exudes pulp. And, as you well know, I am a fan of the pulp and the stories it can tell.

I already have in mind some adventures to be set around the world. From Machu Picchu to the Gobi desert, from the pyramids to the cold Scandinavian glaciers and, of course, Atlantis. The possibilities are endless and I really believe that we will be able to explore many settings with the Broken Compass.