Mondadori and Armenia have announced the release dates of Brandon Sanderson's new books, Oath e Skyward. Here is all the information and details!

As we well knew for many months, after a period of tormented relationships (of which we spoke Thu) with his old Italian publishing house, Fanucci, Brandon Sanderson returns to Italy thanks to Mondadori and Armenia Edizioni.

Let's take a quick overview of the next Italian releases and find out the details!

Copies of Skyward have just arrived in the Armenia warehouse! Source
Copies of have just arrived in the Armenia warehouse Skyward! Source

Skyward March 27 arrives with Armenia Edizioni

Much faster than expected, Armenia Editions gave us the translation of Skyward!

First novel YA science fiction by Sanderson, Skyward tells the growth of Dull, daughter of a pilot labeled a traitor who just wants to get into the air force to redeem her father's name. However, it seems that humanity is losing the war against the mysterious alien threat that for nearly a century has relegated men and women underground, and the price in human lives is increasing day by day. Perhaps, however, the solution to overturn the equilibrium are Spensa e M-bot, the strange sentient spaceship that the girl has found, repaired and made her friend.

Armenia has recently announced, with a post on Facebook, that Skyward will arrive at the bookstore from 27 March, with the subtitle Conquer the stars. Long 624 pages and with paperback, the novel will cost little €16, a decidedly low price typical of the Armenia Fantasy necklace, as we had already seen with the volumes of Michael J. Sullivan.

Thanks to the work of the historical Italian translator of Sanderson, Gabriele Giorgi, we can't wait to reread this beautiful novel in our language!

Oath cover photo, including internal color map. Source
Oath cover photo, including internal color map. Source

Oath will be released on April 9 with Mondadori

As previously announced, Mondadori will inherit the rights of The Chronicles of Folgoluce (Stormlight Archive), the longest and most epic of Sanderson's sagas.

In this case, however, the publication will start right from the third volume, Oathbringer, which in Italian has been rendered as Oath. In fact, the rights of the first two volumes are still owned by Fanucci, who in these days seems to be supplying the bookshops with the otherwise unavailable reprints of the first chapter of the saga, The way of kings.

In Oath, the circle of protagonists will face the return of the Nichiliferi, uniting a world that has however learned to distrust the Alethi and, above all, of those who drive them. Dalinar will have to deal with his past, which he will finally begin to remember, while Kaladin will have to deal with the weight of his vote and with the meaning of "I will protect even those I hate". Shallan, meanwhile, will have to juggle his new role as a double agent spy, learning to deal with his own traumas… creating new traumas for himself.

Again thanks to the translation by Gabriele Giorgi, Giuramento will enter bookstores on 9th April. In this case, as seen on a post on Facebook, the edition will be the mirror image of the American one, and therefore will not only be hardcover, but also equipped with drawings and original fine graphics. This, together with the length of ben 1368 pages, largely justifies the cost of €28 of this edition, which will be part of the Oscar Fantastica series.

Cover image owned by Oscar Mondadori Vault: source.