Let's talk about the body-shaming against Boba Fett and Temuera Morrison which is going crazy on Twitter and on some news sites. Can we do without the comments on "Boba Fatt"?

Ok, I didn't believe that after seeing the fat-shaming and body-shaming they did on Gina Carano, I should have started this talk with Boba Fett too. So let's see what it is.

The background: what happened in The Mandalorian?

As you know, in the sixth episode of the second season of The Mandalorian the character of Boba Fett, interpreted by Temuera Morrison. In fact, Boba survived the Sarlac, but came out burned by the acid. Furthermore, he somehow managed to lose his armor as well, which he then recovered in the last episode. Episode in which our historic bounty hunter also performed in the popular sport of “Stormtrooper shooting”, essentially killing half a platoon of Imperials alone and destroying both transport ships.

It is, as you well know or as you can imagine, an effective entry onto the scene. There is everything: the armor gadgets, the blows with Tusken weapons, the missiles and of course Boba Fett who turns around so that he has an explosion behind him. We are facing an entry into the scene shot with the express purpose of making the character of Boba Fett fearsome and impressive. It is also a way, of course, to "Rehabilitate" Boba Fett after his not overly brilliant role Return of the Jedi, where its so much narrated danger was not much supported by the facts.

However, for a certain part of the internet and fans of Star Wars, the first thing to talk about when writing about Boba Fett's return is not all of that. It is not the fighting style different from that of Din Djarin. It is not the interesting look that bears the traces of Sarlac and life on Tatooine. No, it is not the characterization different from that of The Clone Wars or previous films. It's not even the fact that the Fett have finally been confirmed to be Mandalorians.

The problem: Boba Fett has a belly

No, the important thing to talk about is that Temuera Morrison has a belly. And that then Boba Fett has a belly. Oh my God, Boba Fett is FAT. Horror! Or, what a laugh! The belly makes you laugh! It's so funny that it's literally the only thing we talk about when we talk about Boba Fett in The Mandalorian, when there would be so much more to discuss. But no! We have to talk about Boba Fett who has a belly, and who therefore became Boba Fat.

You can understand, I think, how much this attitude bothers me. However, it must be said that, if the thing were bound to the "goliardia" (among many quotes) of some phenomenon on Twitter, I would not be writing this article. After all, it makes no sense to give visibility to the controversies raised by four cats on social media, perhaps branding them (as some people do) with misleading headlines such as "community X says this".

Oh no, in this case we are faced with a type of comments that are placed in the articles of information sites that speak, in fact, of Star Wars. So let's see what kind of unpleasant comments have been made, and then try to understand why, exactly, such comments are to be avoided.

An example of body-shaming towards Boba Fett and Temuera Morrison
An example of body-shaming towards Boba Fett and Temuera Morrison
An example of body-shaming towards Boba Fett and Temuera Morrison
An example of body-shaming towards Boba Fett and Temuera Morrison
An example of body-shaming towards Boba Fett and Temuera Morrison
Another example of body-shaming towards Boba Fett and Temuera Morrison

Boba Fett's body shaming on Twitter

How can you expect, if you have to criticize someone or something, or do body-shaming, you absolutely have to go to Twitter.

The body-shaming under the official tweets of Star Wars

A portion of the comments teasing Boba Fett and Temuera Morrison regarding the physique were written directly under the promotional tweets of the official Star Wars profile. You can see some of them above in image format, and some below as a quote.

A few too many Wookiee cookies

Boba Fatt, more like

The real Boba "Fat" XD

Boba Fatt

Body-shaming on Twitter in general

As you can see, much of the body shaming is done starting with the pun Boba Fatt or Boba Fat. So, searching for these two terms on Twitter, we could find many other objectionable messages. You can read them below as quotes.

How did Boba Fett get so fat in the Sarlacc Pit?


#BobbaFat honestly it looked silly and cringe AF. Only the action scenes saved this episode. Really bad camera angle that could have been cleaned up in CGI or have Pedro perform Bobba while he was wearing full armor.

he looks like a fat cosplayer lmfaooo

Boba Fett more like Boba Fat

Sorry, but this stuff is ALL messed up. That's Jango Fett, so his age is off to begin with for "5 yrs after RoJ." Use a body double. Use stunt doubles. Shoot from thd shoulders up. Use Daniel Logan. Use anyone else. Anything but an overweight Boba Fat. Its LFL being lazy.

Oh no boba Fett looks like a fat mandalorian cosplayer

I don't know how to say this …… maybe? no …… big… .. no offensive …… chungus, no one will understand ok i'm just going to say it. BOBA IS TOO FAT PLEASE GET Temuera Morrison ON A DIET OR SOMETHING. other than that great episode


What the hell?!? He's older, it's natural for many men to gain a little?!?


Yes I get it but now it just looks like a homemade cosplay, doesn't reall look like the real Boba. He's not as badass that is what i'm trying to say.

Boba Fett becomes "Boba Fatt" on Space.com
Boba Fett becomes "Boba Fatt" in Space.com
Boba Fett becomes "Boba Fatt" in Razorfine
Boba Fett becomes "Boba Fatt" in Razorfine
Boba Fett becomes "Boba Fatt" in Geek Culture
Again, Boba Fett becomes "Boba Fatt" in Geek Culture

Boba Fett's body shaming on news sites

Fortunately, these are a few isolated cases, but there are also some news sites that have decided to give themselves to small comedy, bringing out "Boba Fatt" during their review of the episode. The tragedy.

Space.com's Boba Fatt and unclear ideas

The first is Space.com, which is also one of the first results that will appear on Google if you search for “the mandalorian chapter 14”. In their review de The tragedy, find time to wonder how Boba got fat in the Tatooine desert. And obviously they couldn't avoid the pun Boba Fatt, because obviously we are on a serious information site.

In this case, the goliardic body-shaming is surrounded by what, in my opinion, is a fallacious assumption: in fact, who tells us that Boba had spent years alone in the desert, without anything to eat? After all, in the second season of The Mandalorian we don't see him in a state of destitution. In fact, not only has he been able to afford to cure Fennec by giving her new internal mechanical organs, which is unlikely to be cheap, but let's also remember that Boba Fett still has Slave I. How, a person with a ship and enough fuel to follow Din Djarin for half the galaxy is he destitute or stuck in the Tatooine desert eating the air?

Razorfine and Geek Culture: the shock of a fat character

The other two news sites that just can't avoid making petty irony about Boba Fatt they are much smaller than Space.com.

The first is Razorfine, which in the review de The tragedy he delights us with a comment that they're trying to make Boba Fett still cool, even though the character is older and fatter.

The second is Geek Culture, whose reviewer de The tragedy is shocked that Temuera Morrison, and therefore Boba Fett, is fat. The reviewer is so shocked that he compares the character to Thor's Avengers: Endgame, wondering if Disney wanted to make a veiled reference. It must be said that at the end of the paragraph the reviewer rises again, but this tremendous shock for what is literally a little belly, such as to compare it to the fatsuit worn by Hemsworth is, in my opinion, rather excessive.

Temuera Morrison, the New Zealand actor who played first Jango Fett and now Boba Fett
Temuera Morrison, the New Zealand actor who played first Jango Fett and now Boba Fett

Why are these kinds of comments bothering?

Now, I realize that part of the community on Twitter who laughed at “Boba Fat” was joking and did not make these jokes with malice. We are not faced with a bunch of evil people who write these things with the express intent of humiliating Temuera Morrison or fat people in general.

Because being fat becomes the most important characteristic of a person

However, this kind of comment tends to annoy a lot of overweight people (myself included), because it creates a kind of narrative that overweight people are very used to being told: everything revolves around their weight. Fat people may be the most talented individuals in the world, but for a society like ours the first thing that will be noticed about them will always be their weight.

A very good and very kind writer like Brandon Sanderson, for example, may also be one of the best fantasy authors of our time, but when you talk about him or see a picture of him, the first comment that will be made will be "but he got fat!". And in The Mandalorian We may see the return of a beloved character like Boba Fett canonized, yet a significant portion of the comments will have to revolve around his belly.

Because being fat is the same as being lazy, unhealthy and wrong

This type of attitude, also combined with the idea that being fat automatically means being lazy, unhealthy, ugly and, in general, wrong and guilty, is extremely detrimental to the mental health and self-esteem of overweight people. And no, it is not a question of health, as pointing out to a fat person that they are fat is not a way to show that they are concerned about their health. It is obvious, in fact, that a fat person already knows they are fat, and will most likely be much more aware of their health problems than someone who points out that they are overweight. Therefore, most of the comments about someone being fat are not from genuine concern, nor do they tend to be neutral, as if they are commenting “oh, he has red hair,” but they tend to always express a negative judgment.

It is also funny that such a comment is even addressed to a man like Temuera Morrison, who is over sixty and has a physique absolutely suitable for the role, without being thin. I think too many forget that a healthy physique does not automatically equate to a lean or thin physique. And that a strong, muscular physique doesn't equate to a Thor-like bodybuilder physique. Rather. Generally, a muscular physique built for heavy work cannot be built without a certain amount of fat, as can be seen well in Hafþór Julius Björnsson, Gregor Clegane's actor in Game of Thrones.

An example of a tweet against body shaming
An example of a tweet against body shaming

Community support for Boba Fett and Temuera Morrison

Having said that, I think it's worth pointing out that, among fans of Star Wars, there have been many and many who have run to defend Boba Fett and Temuera Morrison from this type of body-shaming.

Also from Twitter, we have these examples:

Temuera Morrison turns 60 later this month. Leave him and his physique di lui alone lol. #Star Wars #TheMandalorian


boba fett literally took out an entire battalion of stormtroopers and survived a fucking sarlaac pit, something no one has ever done, but sure, talk about how fat he is. fuck the sw fandom

People need to stop fat shaming my boy Boba. THICC kings can be bounty hunters too!

Two conclusive words

Making these kinds of articles is tiring, because I really wish there was no need.

I wish the fact that an actor has a layer of fat on his abdomen didn't create so much hype. And I wish I didn't have to hear from Star Wars fans who really can't accept that a character, who has reappeared after years, has a belly and is still fearful. As if the belly was a mistake and ruined the character.

Personally, I'm very happy to see Temuera Morrison play Boba Fett, thus giving continuity to her being a clone of Jango. I found his interpretation well done, the fights well structured, and in general the figure of Boba fearsome. Far more fearful, if I'm honest, than the one presented in the original trilogy, in which unfortunately the character doesn't shine.

And I'm glad to see new and old fans overjoyed and overjoyed that Boba Fett has been recovered and given dignity. Thankfully, the fandom of Star Wars it's generally far less toxic than it sounds, so these body-shaming voices, noisy and annoying as they are, aren't the majority. However, it is important to understand why they are problematic.