Boardgamers from all over Italy, if you have not yet purchased Christmas gifts, today I would like to offer you some nice ideas that could make your friends, relatives, various relatives, or even yourself happy. I have chosen games that are also suitable for those who are fasting board games and, for convenience, I have divided them according to the possible recipients.


Let us always remember that the gift we give must please, above all, those who receive it. So if you have friends who dismiss you with the most unlikely excuses when you propose a "game night", a board game probably won't be the best gift for them.

If, on the other hand, your loved ones have already entered the magical world of board games, or are planning to do so, here are my tips.

The first board game is never forgotten ...

If you think you can only start playing at a certain age from a certain age, you are wrong. In fact, there are many titles suitable also for preschool children, designed especially for them, both for "regulation" and for ergonomics.
Among the many, I quote "Animal Tower”By Klaus Miltenberger and published by Haba Games, in whose catalog you can also find other games for children. In this title, 2 to 4 “mini-players” aged 3 and up will compete to build the highest tower possible, using all the animals at their disposal. Initially, children can play freely and then slowly introduce the rules, and begin to accustom them to respect them, the game turns, and above all teach them that they do not throw pieces violently after a defeat (no, not even you adults can ). Seriously, a simple game that our future boardgamers will enjoy.

You can purchase the game from this affiliate link, if we have convinced you.

... but not even the second!

What about the little brother or sister? Even for older children, let's say from 6 to 11 years, we have several titles, among which I have chosen "Ticket to ride: first trip“, By Alan R. Moon published in Italy by Asmodee. The original Ticket to ride, released in 2004, is considered by experts to be one of the most suitable titles for "weaning" novices, and then, after n-thousand versions and expansions, someone has well thought of dedicating an edition to the little ones. 2 to 4 small stationmasters will try to accumulate cards of the same color to connect European cities and complete their tickets / achievements, just like in the original game. Great for children to play with each other or with us adults. (The author declines all responsibility for the blows that your brothers / children / grandchildren will inflict on you).

And here's to you the link where can you find it!

No bingo, please

It happened to you too, I know, invited to your distant relative's house, you don't know what to give, and what's more, an exciting bingo evening awaits you! To solve both problems, the so-called “party games” are ideal: these are games suitable for everyone, which do not require particular skills and guarantee fun and laughter.
There are so many titles, but having to choose one I opted for "Alice in Wordland”By Chris Darsaklis and Spyros Koronis, published in Italy by Skull Creations, for 3-8 players. The procedure is simple: in turn, each player will have to say a word concerning the topic chosen for the round, but no one can use 3 letters that will be chosen randomly at the beginning of the round itself. Not too difficult except that everyone has only a few seconds to find the word (marked by the original timepiece teapot, beautiful but “anxious”). Laughter guaranteed! If, on the other hand, among your guests there is someone who just can't give up exclaiming "Both!" after the first number of the raffle extracted, you just have to try it.

You can find the game here in box.

board games for christmas

Escape the room

No, where are you going ??? I am not advising you to leave the house as a competitor of any GFVIP, I say instead that, especially for fans of puzzles, a "table escape room" could be a great gift. These are games that try to recreate, usually through a bunch of cards and a smartphone application, the experience of a real escape room.
Among the various titles I chose "Escape from the Asylum" of the Dgames. In this title, alone or in a group, you will try to escape from the asylum of North Oaks, in two stories of 5 chapters each. Players will work together to solve the puzzles, and each chapter will last approximately one hour. Obviously, once the story is over, it will not be replayable by the same people, since they would already know the solutions, but the game can keep you company for several evenings.

And here is the link to which you can find it.

For those who play mainly in two, we have instead.

Two hearts and a board game

Among the games for only two players, I chose a simple and fast one, also suitable for those who want to get to know this world. It is "Hanamikoji“, By Kota Nakayama, published by MS Editions. In the title, the players try to win the favor of the geishas by playing cards that contain their favorite objects (the umbrella, the fan, the flute…). Each game lasts about 15 minutes, but I guarantee you it is much deeper than you can imagine.

You can find here the game published by MS Edizioni

board games for christmas

Finally, for all tastes and all seasons, we have

The great classic of board games

Among the great classics of board games I chose "Carcassonne”By Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, published by United Games, a title that many of you may know. In Carcassonne 2 to 4 players take turns placing tiles, matching roads, cities and other landscape elements, to score points upon their completion. To try at least once.

Don't have it yet? You can buy it here!


Conclusions on board games under the tree

These are my recommendations. Obviously there are many other valid titles that would have deserved a place, if you want you can report them here in the comments and maybe they will find a place in an upcoming special.

For advice, opinions, compliments, constructive criticisms, destructive criticisms, complaints or other, you can write here in the comments!