Blood Sword it's a piece of history. Do you remember this name?
The game book series, released in the late 80s, was born from the pen of Oliver Johnson and Dave Morris and translated for the Italian market by Edizioni EL prima, and Edizioni Librarsi now. Now, this series of gamebooks will see a new incarnation in a manual for the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

Before starting to talk about the Quickstart of this project, and who had the idea of ​​launching a Kickstarter campaign, here is the presentation!

“Blood Sword is the sword of life, the only weapon capable of opposing the power of the evil Wizards of Krarth who threaten the Lands of Legend. Your mission is to recover the fragments to put an end to the looming evil, but you will have to face the inhospitable kingdom of Wyrd, labyrinths full of traps, frightening creatures and enemies of all kinds. 
You will receive neither help nor any pity, since you have never had any for your enemies; you are nothing more than a pack of mercenaries and fanatics, surviving the worst battles through ferocity or cunning. 
Seldom both.
Yet you have been chosen to succeed where the heroes have failed: a painful and dangerous path awaits you, you will make decisive decisions at every crossroads and your audacity will be severely tested. If you die, the world will end with you. "

The Blood Sword Kickstarter Campaign

Anyone who hangs out in the world of role-playing games, and in that of board games, has certainly heard of Tambù.
The project was born from the collaboration between this gaming company specialized in services and training of gaming professionals, with Librarsi editions, Italian publisher of the game book, e Meningi workshop, an agency focused on the development and launch of interactive publishing projects.

We have already had the opportunity to talk about Officina Meningi on our portal. We have in fact deepened two book games, which dealt with the themes of the Providence Solitaire with Dagon e Carcosa, while we wait to be able to analyze their latest release based on the stories of Edgar Allan Poe.

The team of committed authors is the result of a selection of the best in the sector and involves Dave Morris himself, historical signature of the series, Valentino Sergi, co-author and artistic director of the project, Daniele Fusetto, co-author and developer of the new system of rules, with the extraordinary participation of Mauro Longo, Dario Leccacorvi and Robert Adducci, community manager of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.
The drawings will have Eryk Szczygieł, Mirko Mastrocinque and Moreno Paissan, with maps, characters, opponents, monsters and other evocative images of Legend, land of adventurers threatened by unspeakable horrors.

Blood Sword Quickstart Analysis

We were lucky enough to preview the Blood Sword quickstart and studied the presentation of the game. After an initial scrolling of the pages, the first thing that came to mind are the images in the first series of the game book that were used to enrich the presentation. I honestly found this choice very evocative. The world map is also the one designed by Geoff Wingate.
This choice, of a return to the past, aroused my interest and then I went into reading.

The quickstart presents the game world in brief: the lands of Legend. For those unfamiliar with it, this world draws heavily from the culture of the tenth and eleventh centuries. The Norse and Arab myths, those of ancient Rome and the Greeks, join the Christian culture creating a very particular and enjoyable mass.

In addition to the introduction of the world we have a taste of the rules, from Fears to Crosses, the Blood Die, the Rough Magic and the Psychic Breakdown.
I strongly recommend that you take a look at the quickstart to get an idea of ​​what you are going to play.
To conclude this preview you can find an original playable adventure to test your Pack. In fact, the players will intrepreterà mercenary members of a Pack called to decide the fate of the world with their enterprises.


This quickstart evokes the atmospheres of Legend very well and I'm happy about it. The Kickstart campaign, which will start in mid-June and which you can find at this address, will be the real test for Italian projects. Will our heroes be able to continue the conquest of the playful world?

Honestly I hope so. I devoured the game book series when it came out and I can't wait to get my hands on this product to return to immerse myself in the lands of Legend.

We also invite you to join the Facebook Group in order to stay updated on the project and the campaign. Prepare to be the architects of the fate of the world, for better or for worse!