BlizzConline opened on February 19th at 23pm local time, in this new online edition organized to deal with the pandemic and the impossibility of being all gathered on one campus, as had been possible in previous years. Most of the announcements had already been leaked, probably in an attempt by Activision Blizzard to attract audiences after every BlizzCon poll on major social media was considered little or even sabotaged by the fans themselves. In any case, Blizzard has arrived full of news, especially for the Warcraft and Diablo franchises. Unfortunately, fans of Starcraft 2 and Overwatch will have to wait a little longer before getting news about their favorite games.

World of Warcraft: Chains of Domination

The next update for the well-known MMO World of Warcraft will bring the plans of the Jailer to advance without any problems. In the video in question we see confirmed the theory of many fans according to which Anduin would have become a death knight. The new design of the King of Stormwind naturally recalls that of Arthas… will fate be the same?

World of Warcraft Classic: The Burning Crusade

This announcement was also largely overheard by players and they were only expecting an official statement which, indeed, came very soon during the opening stream. As promised, Classic Vanilla players will have a choice to make: stay on vanilla forever or be transferred to TBC. Currently there has been no talk of costs, so we can imagine that it is a free passage.

Blizzard Arcade Collection

In a market move that is incredibly coincident with that of Nintendo, Blizzard announces an arcade collection series of games that saw the dawn of society for its Blizzconline. Are you a fan of Lost Vikings? This title will be absolutely for you. Players will be able to find not only localized products in over thirty languages ​​but also new features yet to be revealed. We can expect great retro gaming experiences.

Heartstone: Year of the Griffin and Forged in the Barrens

The well-known card game Heartstone officially enters the year of the Griffin in this Blizzconline and announces its first expansion of this new era: Forged in the Barrens. Several new modes have been announced, including the classic one, and the introduction of a single starter set for all players, containing the most popular cards, will help new and old alike have a fairer environment in which to play.

Diablo IV: Rogue

A new class enters Diablo IV directly from the hearts of fans of the saga: Rogue. A class that promises to be very versatile and suitable for change, able to fight both hand-to-hand against the hordes of the underworld and at a distance through the use of bow and arrows. In this fantastic cinematic, Rogue is introduced in style.

Diablo II Resurrected

Players have been asking for a long time, given Diablo III's thermal death, something that would bring the second title back into vogue. Diablo II is still regarded as Diablo's best title and has a solid and compact fanbase in its claims. We hope that this title will satisfy them and bring a breath of play back to the franchise.