La Bauhaus is one of the great political / military / social consortia of the universe of Mutant Chronicles. Before succeeding in terraforming the planets of the Solar System, he chose Venus as his new world. Its origins, however, are much older.

Already on the Old Earth, the Bauhaus, was considered one of the planetary trading powers. It was they who patented the first stable terraforming system [do you remember the documents of Fourth Directorate (part I e Part II)?]. It was from their ranks that the Brotherhood and it is always there Bauhaus the most strenuous opponent ofDark Legion.

As the same says Duke Elector Constance Romanov V:

“The Capitol is a Corporation.
The Imperials are an army.
The Mishima is a conspiracy.
We are a people "

Wolfe of the Bauhaus Megacorporation

Bauhaus History and Society

“It soon became clear that the Four Electoral Dukes of the Bauhaus Corporation wanted to be more than mere spectators of the new struggle that was about to begin. With the determination and steadfastness of generations of military men, the Bauhaus administration proclaimed its rights to the planet Cardinal Toth dreamed of: the sacred planet of Venus.

What the Capitol Pioneers had done on Mars was repeated by the Bauhaus Settlers on Venus. They explored the intricate jungles and created the Heimburg fortress there. Inspired by the new conquest, Bauhaus artisans began producing so perfectly that no one, for centuries, could remember seeing such a quality. Their brand, the Cogwheel, became the symbol of a new way of thinking, of a new philosophy.

But the Dark was lurking, even within the honorable and incorruptible nobility of the Bauhaus. The powers of our Inquisitors were increasingly sought and in the sacred jungles of Venus our allied forces clashed hard with the hordes from Nero. And still now they struggle in an endless war. "

From the Eighth Chronicle: “The Corporations and the Alliance” by Lucretii Marcellianus

Understanding the society of Bauhaus it's complicated.
This Megacorporation, from the very beginning, has been synonymous with excellence, elegance and technological advancement. Their constant pursuit of perfection applies to every aspect of their existence, from the way they dress to the way they wage war.

To begin to understand this Megacorporation, which has the toothed wheel as a symbol, we must first consider their system of division of power.
La Bauhaus is made up of many aristocratic families, more or less important (about 2400), at the head of which are the four major noble families: Romanov family, House Richthausen, House Barnheim e Saglielli family.

Each of these major houses controls and administers a specific branch of power within the society Bauhaus.
General Costance Romanov, Commodore of the Army, is the supreme commander of the Armed Forces.
Grand Admiral Stanislao Richthausen, Director of Industry, is responsible for the entire economic sector.
Field Marshal Enzo Bernheim, Servant of the People, manages all the social services necessary for the well-being of Bauhaus employees.
And finally, Air Marshal Vittorio Saglielli, Defender of the Faith, coordinates the defenses against the Dark Legion and the internal security forces.

But let's examine the major noble families in detail.

Romanov family

La Romanov family check the War Council and all the military machine Bauhaus. It is the second oldest major house after House Richthausen.
I Romanov have a long and proud tradition of military service and loyalty to the Brotherhood. Legends tell that one of the ancestral ancestors, Emil Romanov, were side by side of the Cardinal Nathaniel Durand in the great battle against Algeroth. The traditions of the family report that it was he who gave his life to save that of the Cardinal by acting as a shield against the blows of the Dark Apostle's weapons.
Whether it is reality or fiction, the bond between the family Romanov and Brotherhood it was forged on the battlefield.

This family, very pragmatic, despite the ties with the Brotherhood, welcomed the rise of the Cybertronics among the Megacorporations active in the Solar System. He saw in these newcomers a new market to invest in and, at the same time, new technology to be integrated for their purposes.
However, this has led to a cooling in relations with the Brotherhood and with the other houses.

House Richthausen

La House Richthausen, the oldest and richest of the noble families, controls the mighty industrial empire, especially heavy industry and construction. The walls of the capital of Heimburg, as well as the Stock Exchange have been majestically built with the best materials that the house has Richthusen had available, in fact they never suffered any damage, not even during the first violent attacks of the Dark Legion.

The pride of the family is demonstrated by the very high standards of its products, which are exported throughout the Solar System. Only the best artillery pieces, the best excavating machines and all the top of the range that can come out of their industries, must undergo hundreds of thousands of checks before being able to bear the Bauhaus seal. And only the Richthausen family is able to succeed in this titanic undertaking.

Saglielli family

La Saglielli family check the Ministry of Faith. The history of this house is one of the most tragic. Indeed, during the first wave of the Dark Legion's attacks on Venus, half of its members were wiped out by the savagery of the invaders.

Today, when a member of the family is old enough, he stands before the family shrine and utters the "Oath of Vengeance", with which he promises to eliminate the Darkness. When he then enters adulthood, in front of a member of the Brotherhood, he undergoes the "Oath of Fidelity" and decides whether to enter the Inner Circle some Knights Templar, or among the ranks of the Cardinal's faithful.

Task of the Saglielli family it is also administering justice and managing the internal security system against any infiltration by Heretics or members of the Dark Legion.

House Barnheim

La House Barnheim, which among the major noble families appears as the weakest, controls the Ministry of Civilization. Among his competences is the organization of agriculture and the distribution of food to the population.
The second task of the Barnheim is to keep the population informed through newspapers, radio and audiovisual information systems, and having a monopoly on these is easy.
In addition, family members manage all the civil administration of society, from welfare to education of the population. Excellence in these fields leads to well-being and therefore to the prosperity of Bauhaus.
This house, unlike the Romanov, sees with some unease the growth of power and influence on the population of the Cybertronics. In fact, this new megacorporation is never mentioned in its news programs and in other press organs and, at the same time, it incenses the close collaboration between Brotherhood e Bauhaus.

Army and Bauhaus military doctrine

“Some armies are moving.
We advance gloriously. "

Duke Yuri Romanov

The war machine Bauhaus it is one of the most advanced in the entire Solar System.

By making extensive use of armored vehicles, supported by self-propelled guns and fighter planes, the troops Bauhaus they are a terrible sight to behold on the battlefield. The strategy is the simplest. First fighters and bombers razed the defensive positions to the ground, assisted by the bullets of the immense howitzers. Then, once the dust settles, the huge roar, the roar of thousands of engines, warns that the tanks are advancing. Few are able to resist such an experience.

However, the particular conformation of Venus with its dense jungles led the army to have to specialize some elite units for combat in these intricate rainforests. THE Venusian Rangers they train for infiltration tasks and lightning strikes within these problematic war scenarios.

Finally, the most interesting feature of the army Bauhaus it is Elegance.

We must always pay attention to the form, even while you are fighting against an unclean creature "

Henry Valmonte

Because of their uniforms, reminiscent of Europe of past centuries, the armed forces Bauhaus they are the most picturesque in the entire Solar System. All military Bauhaus they have two uniforms: the ordinance uniform and the high uniform.
The first is used in battle and, generally, consists of suitably decorated armor with the insignia of the department. 
The high uniform is commonly used in more formal situations, but also in the citizen's everyday life Bauhaus he prefers to wear them, making them much more common than normal civilian clothes.


Since the days of the trading card game doomtroopers my loyalty to the megacorporations has gone to Bauhaus, either for the elegance, or for the fact that my Prussian origins could hear the resounding of the military marches, and then all the display of their Teutonic and massive power.

And then you really want to pit yourself against an army that can deploy a tank, which is more of a heavily armed self-propelled fortress, and calls it Grizzly?