The Batman, Matt Reeves and Peter Craig's DC Comics superhero movie, is the best Batman movie ever? No, but it has its strengths and weaknesses of him. Let's see them in this review!

The Batman I liked it but no, it's not the #BestBatmanEver, that remains Batman Returns by Tim Burton.
Here I could also close it, since my immodest opinion does not really count a stone. But why not inflict it on yourself anyway?
In this article we will therefore see what they are, according to my point of view, the strengths and weaknesses of The Batman, the film by Matt Reeves e Peter craig about the Dark Knight, released in theaters this February. Let's start with a brief introduction about my relationship with Batman and what my opinion is on the films that have already been released. I hope that in this way we can better frame my opinion on this new film.

ATTENTION: This article contains SPOILERS about The Batman
The Batman character posters
The Batman character posters

Premise: I love Batman (but I'm not a Bat-Fan)

I love Batman. I love him since I was a kid and I got the camp series with Adam West.
The first Batman by Burton it was an event and I was very excited, despite Prince's Bat-dance.

Batman was the first comic I bought myself, I must have been 12 or 13 years old. It was the battered Glenat edition. I still remember the cover: the Bat looming over a spider-version batmobile, to which a little boy is sucking the tires. That kid was Jason Todd, the most hated Robin in comic book history and whose arc would end after a while with A Death in the Family, very heavy and beautiful story.

A few years later, however The Return of the Dark Knight by Frank Miller I laboriously saved thirty thousand lire and bought it secretly, because at home they would probably have done so much to know that I had spent so much money on a comic, which in those days it was not said graphic novel. This work is a masterpiece, even if he explained to me how much Batman is a fascist. Lo and behold, I admit, I love Batsy even though I am aware of this.

I could go on a long way, but I'll drop it here with the self-reported moment. However, I would like to clarify that, despite what is written above, i am not a fan, as they are practically nothing. (Ok ok, maybe the SLAYERS are an exception.)
I don't see / follow / collect EVERYTHING about what I like, I don't care. But above all, I don't have an uncritical approach to the things I love.

Batman and Jim Gordon
Batman and Jim Gordon

Lightning-fast unsolicited opinions on Batman in theaters for the past 30 years

To better frame my opinion on The Batman, let's briefly see what I think of the previous films about this superhero.

Tim Burton's Batman

Batman e Batman The Return by Tim Burton have marked the return of the Bat to the big screens after years of absence and have done so with a mix of that vein camp from the 60s series, mixed with the gothic and creepy atmospheres by Burton. If the first is beautiful, but is very affected by age and the first component of the blend, the second, which is decidedly darker, remains my favorite with a spectacular Danny De Vito and Michelle Pfifer erotic dream of life.

Batman Forever e Batman and Robin

Oh my god what is this stuff ?! Basically Burton's Batman in which the darkest component is only "aesthetics" and I miss a lot. For the rest there are two comics in the worst sense that the term can take.

Nolan's Dark Knight

Trilogy that brings Batman back to the screen after the two opprobriums mentioned above. He does it with a very interesting realistic look on paper, in putting to work much less.
Batman Begins is a prequel that tells the birth of Batman, retracing the formation of Bruce Wayne. Nice idea, but the result is simply "little Batman".
The dark Knight I liked it when I saw it. Then I realized that the film only hinges on the beautiful interpretation of Heath Ledger as the Joker.
The Return of the Dark Knight it's an irredeemable crap. A film as stupid as it is pretentious, full of big toys and explosions. But the Bane who takes it into his head to make the revolution to overcome the trauma of being friendzoned is one of the greatest nonsense of superhero cinema. Nolan deserves torches and pitchforks for using this title.

Snyder's Batman

Grizzled and weighted Ben Affleck does not look as bad as Millerian Batman, the model to which Snyder refers to Batman v superman and for Justice League. But it is without the same substance. The result is plasticky it's enough bland, such as the films in which it is inserted.

Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne
Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne

Notes scattered over The Batman: what works and what doesn't?

Let's see now what are, in my opinion, the elements of The Batman that work well, and which ones do not work or work only partially.

Robert Pattinson's Batman: the Darkest Knight's hottest ever (but that's okay)

Robert Pattinson is a good actor. It's a shame that the not-so-flattering legacy of the saga weighs on his shoulders Twilight. From glittering vampire to new Dark Knight, the meme was already pretty much done. In reality, Pattinson is a good Batman, while he is very poorly suited to play the role of Bruce Wayne.

This Batman is' na pippa compared to the canon. He is not omnipotent, it doesn't get anywhere without others knowing how. Do you have to join a bad club? Knock. Then he sees whether to punch his way or sneak in. He passes out twice and is eventually saved by Catwoman.
There is an emblematic scene: at a certain point Batman is on a skyscraper, he shivers from the height, then he throws himself in a wingsuit and for the whole flight you understand that he is doing it underneath. He tries to land on the roof of a bus but, when he opens the parachute to slow the flight, he ends up under a bridge, the parachute snags and our hero misses the target and ends up rolling on the asphalt and stopping against garbage cans. He gets up and limps off. Standing.

But you know what? It is a beautiful scene. For real. Bring the hero down to earth, humanize him, also because it is his second year of activity, he is young and obviously has to refine his techniques.

Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne: Emo-Wayne

As I said, Pattinson doesn't have much of the presence of the Bruce Wayne we met.
Wayne's public image as a rich and spoiled playboy makes sense, because he represents Bruce's "mask" expressing his true self only when wearing the Batman mask. It is a concept gutted in the comics and also in the Bat cartoons and which returns here in the finale when the protagonist and antagonist come to a confrontation.
But Wayne is represented here as always grim, which is great for private moments but not for public ones. In reality, however, Bruce Wayne appears very little.

Catwoman and Batman
Catwoman and Batman
The investigation: the return of the Detective and the problem of technology

One of the first comments I heard about the film was that Batman was returning to investigate, as well as beating up and using hyper-technological toys. True, this is a very present component right away.
But it is also true that this Batman gets nowhere with his investigation. He and Gordon let the Riddler carry them around like the two cops from Seven.

Then there is another problem, namely that of tech. This is a big problem, in my opinion.
In fact, this Batman presents some hyper-technological things, such as contact lenses that record everything he looks at, but at the same time his traditional toys are reinterpreted in a "low budget" key. He rides on a traditional motorcycle and when the batmobile appears it's essentially a sports car with a turbojet. 'This is what I do not understand.

The Riddler, Catwoman and the Penguin

The Riddler is probably the most powerful figure in the film, although it is distorted and derivative. This Riddler is dressed, kills, and writes in part using code modeled on Zodiac Killer. This Riddler writes and creates deadly traps like the other Riddler, that of Saw.
I loved the fact that she uses social media and found it brilliant that her plan's ending rests on her community of misfit followers. Very American.

Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman it's not bad, but I didn't find it particularly emblematic. Certainly better than Anne Hathaway and Halle Berry, but light years away from being as iconic as Michelle Pfifer.
His character, however, has a very strong characterization, in some cases perhaps even too much. Woman, black, badass, who does not let himself be kissed but she is the one who kisses the hero, who saves him when they are about to kill him. Nothing contrary to strong female characters, indeed, but at times it seemed a bit overloaded to me.

But now let's talk about the Penguin Irish. Is that Colin Farrell ?! The transformation of the Irish actor into Oswald Cobblepot is extraordinary, the interpretation of him also, in some ways similar to De Vito's Penguin, although totally different. I don't know how to explain it better.

Everything is dirty in Gotham and a grunge Batman

I liked the backstory in which everything is touched by the evil that permeates mein Gotham City. Nobody is innocent, not even mom and dad.
I haven't read much about them but I found them to fit perfectly music.
Andrea Guglielmino wrote well about it: the choice to insist on Something In The Way, which is one of Nirvana's more melancholy pieces, is pretty much the manifesto of a Batman who is perhaps a loser for the first time in cinematic history. Michael Gioacchino's music is an excellent orchestral counterpoint in which at times I heard echoes of the soundtrack of Star Wars in a darker version (the imperial march specifically - only I heard it?).

Robert Pattinson's Batman
Robert Pattinson's Batman

Concluding thoughts on The Batman

Matt Reeves and Peter Craig heavily reinterpret the Batman figure. It is an authorial choice that is part of a long tradition of reworking and "betrayal" that dates back to the character's dawn.. Stuff that in comics has been established and cleared for decades.
I understand who has not appreciated or will not appreciate The Batman: it is a work that comes out of the canons in ways that may please or may piss off. Therefore I cannot assure anyone that the vision will certainly be satisfactory.
However, I believe that The Batman is a must see if you love the Dark Knight.
Definitely not the Best Batman Ever. But definitely the best in a long time.