Kickstarter week this and here we are talking about Bard's Gate. After talking about another Kickstarter, also the one for the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons, let's analyze a bit this city that was born from the mind of Necromancer Games and Frog God. Let's get to know Bard's Gate better!

All mine Bard's Gate!

Bard's Gate is a city supplement for the 5th Edition of the most famous RPG in the world, but easily adaptable to any role-playing system (from the most Old School to the most modern ones). The supplement, of more than 450 pages, details the city of Bard's Gate and the surrounding territories. Hundreds of shops and markets populate the city, and adventure awaits around every corner. Color illustrations of the most important inhabitants of Bard's Gate, along with over 30 beautifully illustrated maps and a poster map, add depth to the sense of wonder. 

Founded as an outpost and post station between the eastern Silvan Kingdoms and the distant port city of Reme, it is today a thriving city, an important crossroads for trade and travel. It's the perfect place for people like you, always on the lookout for adventure and patrons who can award epic quests for the Bards of the College to sing in the inns, on the streets and at the courts of kings!

If Rappan Athuk and the Tome of Horrors were the foundation of the Lostlands, Bard's Gate it is the backbone that holds them together, allowing GMs to connect the many adventures and products set in this universe.

With the launch of Bard's Gate, this universe created by Necromancer Games is updated to the Fifth Edition rules, with many more city areas, adventures set inside and outside the walls and a ton of new background information including: internal and external politics, military influence and an updated timeline of the Lost Lands.

Bard's Gate

What are we going to fund with the Kickstart?

Returning for Fifth Edition, Bard's Gate is not just a reprint, but has been rewritten with all sorts of additions, including:

  • A very rich color volume that describes a fantasy metropolis, its inhabitants and its surroundings down to the smallest detail, neighborhood by neighborhood… hundreds of hours of gameplay guaranteed!
  • A detailed description of the world of the Lost Lands to be able to set your own campaign or just to get ideas
  • Brand new illustrations, all in color
  • Over 15 city districts described in detail, each with its own particularities
  • Dozens of workshops and shops to visit and discover, each with its own secrets
  • Hundreds of NPCs to interact with
  • Dozens of guilds and organizations to join or oppose
  • 8 adventures with around 100 playable pages
  • 2 new interpretable races
  • A large format poster map of the city
  • Approximately 30 color maps of locations in the city, dungeons and surroundings
  • Dozens of tables for meetings inside and outside the city
  • New magical and non-magical items
  • Dozens of tables for meetings inside and outside the city
  • Optional Property and Land Management Rules – Come and take home at Bard's Gate!
  • Optional rules to manage wealth and social class
  • Large format color map of Western Akados (separately or by corresponding pledge)
  • 2 additional setting and adventure supplements (separately or for the corresponding pledge)
  • Digital maps to be able to play online (separately or for the corresponding pledge)


A few words about Kaizoku Press

Kaizoku Press is an independent label specializing in board games, especially role-playing games and interpretation.

Kaizoku (Pirate) in Japanese it means pirati.
Like pirates, those in movies and comics try to move easily and in a manner unconventional in the territory of the Italian game, in an attempt to bring to the widest possible audience not only highly appealing titles, but also less visible but innovative games. Furthermore, they are interested not only in publishing translated material, but in developing, sponsoring, promoting and publishing Italian creations that are in line with their idea.

Among their titles are Rappan Athuk, Mutants & Masterminds, Kobolds Eat Children, Tome of Horrors, Companions, Dungeon Crawler Classic and many others.

Do you have an idea in your drawer or an interesting pitch for a game? It's time to send it to them, you never know that you might be the next to end up on Kickstarter with them!

Conclusions on Bard's Gate

No doubt this project really offers a lot to the players. But we have to think about something that perhaps was not perceived well. This is not a simple localization, but a real translation which, in addition to all the material in the manual, also has additions inserted by Kaizoku Press itself.

In fact, the guys are not limited to simply locating, but to work, in concert with the authors, on the product, so as to be able to offer players the best possible gaming experience.

Do you like cities in which to set your stories? Bard's Gate is for you!