Avengers: Endgame is a Russo brothers' film released in Italy on April 24, 2019. The film is the direct sequel to Avengers: Infinity War, released in 2018, and constitutes the twenty-second film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It marks the end of the third phase of the MCU but also the end of the first six Avengers: Iron Man, Captain American, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor. As we all know, the actors decided to celebrate Infinity War, the film that was the first part of the finale, with a dedicated tattoo.


Plot of Avengers: Endgame

Let's take a pebble off the shoe immediately: The plot doesn't make sense. Zero. It is useless to look for one, you will see for yourself that there are numerous events without a logical explanation. So let's no longer ask ourselves this problem and continue our review without worrying about the meaning or not of things.

The plot is that of a good Avengers movie. There are all the elements we need: character growth, something to lose even in a post Thanos situation, something to fight for. All the remaining Avengers after the balance of the crazy titan, incredible to say, grow in one direction or the other. It will be the original six, plus an unexpected Ant-Man and an absent Captain Marvel, solve the situation.

Il Thanos of this film, unlike the previous one, really has the elements that distinguish it. He is a skilled fighter who requires the Avengers to get serious, from the twenty-one series, he is ruthless and far from compassionate. The mad titan turns out to be a good antagonist rather than an antihero like in Infinity War. This Thanos would have taken the gems of infinity even without the pitiful theater of the last film.


Even the direction in this film has its strength. Although I do not particularly appreciate the work of the Russo brothers, this time I find that the direction is well built to give emotions without even letting the actors speak.

Film script

At the screenplay for Avengers: Endgame we find Christopher Markus and Stephen MCFeely, former screenwriters of all the films of Captain America, Thor: The Dark World and the previous Infinity War. So it's no surprise that the plot calls for a significantly higher disbelief than other Marvel films. However, as their practice, the characters are well written and constructed.


I didn't think they would have succeeded but, even if inserting all the characters of the MCU (and I mean everyone), everyone gets their own space. What Thanos has done has had an impact on the lives of people on Earth and, if some have managed to accept this fact and move on, others have not. In any case, no protagonist or supporting actor is the same as the previous films. Even during the fights, I find that the production has been successful in the very difficult task of giving space to all the heroes, giving that little bit more to the original six Avengers. In addition, very positive, the film does not all end in a girl power carried out by Carol Danvers. A tremendously appreciable thing. However, there is a single similar moment, which although it knows a bit about girl power, is well built with characters already in combat.

CGI and special effects

As we all know, the Avengers and MCU films in general have always relied on an exceptional CGI. This film makes no difference and impresses with an excellent CGI, which does not wobble despite the necessary efforts.


The composer Alan Silvestri makes his glorious return in this film, after giving us Avengers and Infinity War. Nothing to complain about such a job, carried out by a person more than competent in his work and award-winning.

Length of the film

Avengers: Endgame is not a movie that makes you feel like three hours. It requires no special effort to be followed, given the fairly simple plot and the different comic moments that ease the tension. However, I wonder if the three stages of the narrative have been properly distributed. Personally, even to fix the plot, I would have made different choices. However, it is better to show too much than not to show at all. As this was not just a phase finale but a twenty-year Marvel Cinematic Universe ending, they did well to be verbose.

final Thoughts

Avengers: Endgame is a worthy conclusion to the twenty-year Marvel saga. Many fans could safely use this film to exit the Cinematic Universe, as Earth is now safe and will be safe for quite a while. Many stories have been concluded and there are no particular outstanding points. Go see the movie, if possible in the best possible quality, and enjoy three hours of Avengers. Do not stay in the room after the credits, because there is no final and secret scene. It is simply the end, accept it.



Avengers: Endgame Goodbye Avengers

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Well, let's start by saying that I find really good advice to leave the MCU to most fans who are not fond of a certain character. Let's face it, the Avengers project is officially dead. Tony sacrificed himself together with Natasha, Thor joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, Cap finally lived his life. Bruce is little more than a comic relief and Hawkeye has his family. If nothing else, in the last battle of the Avengers against Thanos, we had our satisfaction from the notorious and highly anticipated Avengers Assemble! For all intents and purposes, this is a good conclusion.

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I don't think there are characters so well developed, recited and written that they can take the place of the 6. Once you have finished squeezing Spider-man, Marvel will have to roll up its sleeves to find characters up to the Avengers.


What do those travels in time mean to me?

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As I announced, the plot doesn't make any sense. The changes made by the Avengers would be enough to destroy the whole multiverse. By not exploiting the power of the gem of time but simply that of science, they created so many paradoxes that they could not be counted. I think that during the part of time travel one only has to enjoy the feelings and take his head off, because he would risk exploding. Too bad, because with the initial explanations of Bruce Banner I thought they would stick to much more strict rules. Instead of just paying homage to the other films, they rightly had to destroy them.

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Avengers: Endgame But is this all the help that Carol had to give?

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The whole initial part of the film went on to complain about how difficult and impossible time travel is. It would be convenient to have a being able to travel in space, in contact with dozens of alien cultures, who probably knows several scientists ... If only we had someone like that! But no. Tony first whimpering that something is impossible, then five minutes later he solved the impossible.

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As for Carol, maybe they went from fear that she would do everything to security that she would not make a tube. Strange, because deriving its powers from the gem of space, they could have safely removed everything. It is not clear how he managed to keep them but we accept it, exactly how we can swallow that Wanda can destroy a gem.

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The girl power moment is, of course, otherwise the whole character of Carol should be a characterization, but Thanos in a dry minute puts everyone back in line. I must admit, however, that, excluding Carol herself, seeing all those female characters lined up made me dream of dozens of films.

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I think all the adoring fans of the good old Norse god, interested in his characterization, were a little disappointed. They won't see anything of the cool they are used to, Fortnite does this too ... don't abuse it. I didn't expect such a development from Thor, it was a real surprise. He, most of all, had responsibilities. But, after all, this film alternates moments of pure selfishness for the characters with those of more classic heroism. I think Tony, Cap and Thor are particularly driven in this direction.



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So many stories for a glove, then Tony could safely steal the gems with a gentle touch. I think this is a gigantic vaffa to the whole story of Nidavellir, to the dwarven blacksmiths and to the fact that Thanos did not want a copy of the glove. It must also be said that the fact that Tony did not explode at the moment, where Hulk was leaving us feathers and Thanos too, was a great achievement. In the end it was humanity's brightest mind that saved everything, not some strange power.