Many have wondered why the Swords of Justice had not yet given a "Attack on Vàhlendàrt". Now, after reading this issue, we know the answer.
But first let's start celebrating 80 years of the Sergio Bonelli Editore, with the Dragonero commemorative medal!
If you are looking for a guide about the episodes released so far of the saga "Dragonero the Rebel“, You can find it comfortably here.
Go with the intro!

"I still remember
I thought of you the other day
How worlds of change led us astrays
Colors seem to fade to gray
In the wake of yesterday ...
... "

I Still Remember, Fires at Midnight, 2001, Blackmore's Night

Attack on Vàhlendàrt

The cover of Attacco a Vàhlendàrt portrays Dragonero projected towards the future
Dragonero looks to the future

Gmor, isolated in his hermitage, with his "scribblers”Intent on drawing up his memories and those of which he is the custodian, once again retraces the thread of memories ... and not only!

The frame of Attack on Vàhlendàrt is that of the tales in the tale of the old Gmor
What's better for old Gmor than reading a book with his feet warm in his hermitage while it's snowing outside?

The war that the Swords of Justice they carried out has always been characterized by guerrilla tactics: fast raids and targeted attacks. The numbers have never been in their favor, the imperial army, in fact, could have swept them away in the open field. At the beginning, Dragonero's guide was not accepted by everyone. Some rebels, in fact, even thought of ending the war with a quick attack on Vàhlendàrt, the capital, the beating heart of the Empire!

Ian argues with a group of rebels who want to carry out an Attack on Vàhlendàrt
At the beginning of the rebellion, it is hard for Ian to enforce his decisions as a leader

The story of Yet, the Mother Guardian of Alben, left mutilated and apparently alone and without a purpose. He will set off towards a place that holds the hope for the future of the Luresindi.

Attack on Vàhlendàrt also collects other memories, including Mother Guardian Yamara's search for a purpose, after the end of the order
The search for purpose takes Yamara far to the River of Sands

Last, but not least, are the reminiscences about a dangerous and very secret mission undertaken by one who has always been immersed in secrets: Vril Ausofer.

The memory of a secret mission by Vril Ausofer is also reported in the Attack on Vàhlendàrt register
What secret mission will the master of secrets Vril Ausofer ever embark on?

Episode analysis

To analyze this episode I took a little more time than usual. After all, it takes time to internalize certain ideas, and it takes the same time to present them ...

Old Man Gmor tells allows the authors (in this case Vietti), in addition to expanding the already great tapestry of the Dragonero saga, to experiment with new narrative techniques.
We have already had occasion to underline how the story, especially when it is told through the memories of Gmor, flows on three temporal lines closely intertwined with each other (past, present, future), with an almost Nolanian flavor.
We could spend hours talking, discussing and analyzing the very concept of "TIME”And, in the end, we probably won't know much more than when we started.
The questions I now ask myself and you are the following:

What is the present of Dragonero?
What is Dragonero's past?
What is the future of Dragonero?

Until the end of the War against the Black Queens, we followed the story of Ian and his companions in a fairly linear way. We did have some glimpses of the past, through memories and stories, but it was a duty as we were catapulted in media res in the saga.
But now, since Elder Gmor came up, I'm not so sure anymore!
It is not perhaps that the line of Gmor it tells, is precisely the THIS?
And what a present then! In this issue there are no breadcrumbs as in past books, but bites that make us glimpse a much larger shape.
For us it obviously is FUTURE because we have yet to read it. And, perhaps, for Luca Enoch and Stefano Vietti it is simply PAST, because it has already happened in their minds, and they are "only" two old men that retrace the avenue of memories ...

At the opening

Luca Barbieri, in the inevitable appointment with the editorial, Cronache della Rebellione, given the well-established formula of “stories within a story”, introduces us to the designers who have tried their hand at this month's issue. Not before answering the fateful question of many readers as to why the rebellion had never yet tried to end the war by attacking the capital Vàhlendàrt to eliminate Leario.


SBE's XNUMXth birthday is in full swing. For this reason, the covers of the key magazines have the same style. Each hero, in fact, stands out with an eye to the future. Ian, Dragonero, is no exception. We are sure that the dynamic duo Gianluca Pagliarani (drawings) and Paolo Francescutto (colors), after this very short “vacation”, will give us other extraordinary covers!

"Attack on Vàhlendàrt“, Presenting three different stories inserted in the now“ classic ”frame of Old Man Gmor tells, is the work of four authors.
Each story, albeit in its brevity, is full of its emotions and provides us with its fair share of ideas and information, so it is right that it has its own style. This diversity does not tire the reading, on the contrary it enhances a work that evolves and grows number after number, thanks to the great work of those who participate in it.

The wanderings around the hermitage, the memories of the old Gmor, but above all the fair amount of clues on what will be / is the future of the Dragonero saga are by Cristiano Cucina. Vincenzo Riccardi tells us how that first, fateful attack on Vàhlendàrt actually went. Fabio Babich takes care of the Mother Guardian of Alben, Yet, still looking for a role of its own. Ludovica Ceregatti has the task of illustrating the secret mission, linked to a mysterious event that took place at the beginning of the war against the Black Queens, of Vril Ausofer, needless to say!
The lettering is signed by the excellent Marina Sanfelice.

Are you ready next month to hunt down "The runaway demon” (“Dragonero the Rebel"N ° 19, May 11)? The prize, in addition to the register, will be the commemorative medal of Gmor!

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár