Astrology, the pseudoscience par excellence. Excellence among the sciences of antiquity, today entrusted to great experts such as Paolo Fox or the pages of Cioè. Through this horoscopes are made, a totally arbitrary prediction of the future; nothing to do with the real divinatory arts!

Seriously, it is useless to deny it, the stars have always been important for man, for his beliefs and for scientific development, although today it is no longer important.

The will of man to know, to give himself answers about the world around him, led him to investigate the stars. Regarding how the sun or a moon could influence the world, through the passing of the seasons and the changing of the tides, to the point of being able to influence the destiny of empires and the souls of men.

Astrology in detail

An astrological zodiac table

The ancient astrologers divided the celestial bodies, which shone in the night sky, into two categories: stars, fixed in the firmament, and the planets which moved and retraced their steps. Because of these "whims", characteristics of human beings were assigned to them.

And therefore, looking for himself in the planets, man had no difficulty in finding himself in the septenary composed by these.

Mercury for mobility and erratic mood, suitable for everything, but specialized in nothing, in Jupiter he saw dignity and wisdom and all the most positive qualities. Saturn he became the slave of necessity and attachment to the earth. The opposite was chosen Sun awakening of the sleepers and conducive to art; there Luna instead it teaches uncertainty and stimulates the imagination when reason fails. Mars the ardor that rejects rest, violence, the explosion of anger; to appease him Venus languidity of vital forces, mother of the living.

How then can man rely on stars and planets to define himself? In no way actually, even Margherita Hack said it! This is because the stars, the stars, the galaxies are not fixed, in fact, in about 14000 years, the Polar Star will give way to the star of Vega and the constellations will change as they have changed in these 2000 years.

These celestial revolutions bear the seeds of new astrological ages.

The astrological ages

Changes in the Astrological Ages, or aeons, have always corresponded, in the common collective imagination, to periods of crisis and change, all influenced by the dominant constellation. Ancient writings report that these era changes accompany the birth of new religions, and one of these in particular speaks of the Age of Pisces, during which the Christian religion was born.

Perhaps the next Age, the Age of Aquarius, will lead to changes in the way of thinking of man. We do not think we could be present, since it should start around 2600 and, in my opinion, if we continue to melt the glaciers like this, to pollute the world, Aquarius will find a world submerged by water, and perhaps man will really think to change something.

Astrology in art

The astrological map of Andres Cellarius
The star map of Andrea Cellario

What is not dead can wait in eternale with the turn of strange eons also death can die

The Unnamed City, HP Lovecraft

As always the Providence solitaire, but not only fantasy and horror literature, but also simple fiction, such as "The Orlando Furioso”By Ludovico Ariosto (considered by many to be the second fantasy book in history), helps us to open this important part in our discourse.

Astolfo on the Moon in search of Orlando's hindsight
Before the Méliès rocket, Astolfo had arrived there with some Pegasi

Much of Shakespeare's poetics is linked to astrology and magic linked to the stars, particularly in his penultimate work, “The Tempest”.

Astrology played a central role in the architecture of the Middle Ages. There are many examples of constructions that depict the zodiac or the motion of the stars inside. Some examples are the Sacra di San Michele in Piedmont, with the representation of eleven (!) Zodiac signs because Libra was united to Scorpio, or the much more famous Gnomon of the Florence Baptistery where also here we find the zodiac signs and as in the solstice in summer on June 21 through a hole in the roof a beam of light penetrated which illuminated exactly the symbol of Cancer.

Astrology in fantasy literature

The stars, in fantasy literature, often coincide with the divinities and it is known that these tend to get involved in men's affairs.

Margareth Weiss and Tracy Hickman, in 1984, sent their first book by Dragonlance. This which, together with the Forgotten Realms, was one of the most famous settings at the turn of the 80s and 90s of the last century, makes cosmology and the stars one of its flagships. The gods are in the sky of Krynn and when they decide to tread the land of mortals, the constellations in the sky disappear.

In another situation, following the clash of a character with the gods themselves, this takes the place of one of the deities and crushes the others, expanding its position in the sky.

But in this setting there are not only the constellations: there are also three moons representing the gods of magic and when they are in eclipse with each other the spells that their faithful can cast are extremely powerful.

Lovecraft and the stars

Milky Way taken from the temple of Karnak in Egypt
Karnak Temple, Egypt ... the Stars are almost in place

Earlier we mentioned the Providence solitaire. Lovecraft, in his works, has given rise to a real fear towards the cosmic void, the stars and the constellations.

The Stars are Right ...

The Stars are Aligned ...

When these words are spoken, fear grips even the strongest of hearts. The return of the Great Ancients, the coming of the Outer Gods, the end of the sane universe as we know it. Azatoth and his court look out to mortals and no longer from the lost Kadath.

Lovecraft, with his work, has created a cosmology and a mythical astrology such as to inspire not only games, but also music, cinema, comics. Neither "The Music of Erich Zann”A poor musician on starry nights plays to keep Azathoth away. He is not the first and not the last of the HPL characters to confront the stars and sidereal horrors beyond the stars.

But always among the stars, in the Pleiades, between Alcione and Elettra, you can find Celaeno where, if a Byakee will give you a lift, you will find the Great Library of Celaeno, precisely on the fourth planet, where you can find all the books that have been published future ones and those who never will be.

Astrology & Assassin's Creed

The Ubisoft series has always drawn, with both hands, from esotericism, astrology, secret societies and the occult.

In two chapters in particular we can find an astrological vein: Assassin's Creed: Origin and Assassin's Creed: Unity

In the first one from which the image above was taken, we can visit the armillary sphere of Alexandria in Egypt (Zodiac Krikotoi), the first man-made spherical astrolabe.

In Assassin's Creed: Unity, however, we have to solve the puzzles related to astrology that are posed to us by Nostradamus (it would take pages to deal with this character and who knows that in the future we will not do a deepening on him). All the puzzles follow the septenary we talked about earlier and the zodiac signs. There is really nothing to say, they have also been busy in video games in fishing from astrology.


We are children of the stars ...

Alan Sorrenti

Astrology is a pseudoscience, alchemy is too (you have read ours article in this regard?), but this does not prevent men from continuing to believe in it because "the imaginary is not necessarily illusory".

We must therefore appreciate a legacy of fifty centuries and allow it to survive for its symbolic philosophy rather than for its effectiveness, thanking it above all for the impulse to science that it has given.