“Assassin's Creed: Valhalla” is a video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by the Ubisoft software house. It is the twelfth chapter of the main Assassin's Creed saga and is the sequel to Odyssey, released in 2018 for what is now the older generation of consoles. The title aims to give to the players the most Viking experience ever seen in gaming landscape and, for the most part, he succeeds in its intent.

You are a Viking, Einor

Let's get right away a pebble in the shoe and with it the thought of telling the truth: in this game you impersonates a Murderess, an Occult or whatever you want to call them. Although (no spoiler) Eivor is repeatedly asked and proposed to join the Brotherhood, his answer is always negative. How could it be otherwise? A Viking who dreams of personal glory, battle and entry into Valhalla certainly cannot submit to the dictates of the Creed. The game itself often does not benefit from a silent approach due to fights that are all too easy to do and make phrases like "We can't go through the front door" useless.

A bit of a man and a bit of a woman

In this particular animus simulation, after a sequence with a child Eivor by unidentified sex, the player is left to the difficult choice to determine who is Eivor: man or woman? Well actually the choices are three very curious thing (I have not tried it yet) and that in a second run I'll try to go: man, woman, "Currency you." With the third option, the entire character of Eivor would have to swing between man and woman from sequence to sequence according to the criteria of the Animus. So in one scene from Valhalla Eivor could be a man and in the one after a woman. 

Not Assassins but Hidden

The presence of the Occults in this game, and of their Creed, is strong and tangible even if one is not interpreted. In what is a rediscovery of the original themes (which in some points also recalls Altair and his future reflections) the presence of the Brotherhood is important, although the main enemy unfortunately is not the Order of the Ancients. Unfortunately, on this last point there are some painful notes, because the player will care so little about different members of the Order that they will leave them at the end of the story,

quando si suicideranno tutti (penso, a meno che non abbia sperimentato un bug che me li ha fatti trovare tutti morti).

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: cheats and guide for the adventure of Eivor

An England that lives and breathes

England is the real protagonist of this game, with its caves to explore, the conflict between Christians, Celtic and British cults, the "Danes" question (a title by which all Vikings are identified regardless of their origin) and the power struggles between all these forces. I suspected that the map was free of activity instead, unfortunately without any prompt whatsoever, I discovered many incredible subplots and secondary missions that allowed me to recover many fragments of Norse and British folklore, from Mjolnir to Excalibur.

Criticality of Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Coming to the end of the story, after over fifty hours of play between side missions, optional bosses and a bit of exploration, I can say without a doubt that Assassin's Creed Valhalla is a great title, one that entertains and makes you spend unforgettable hours. This is not to say that it is perfect or that it couldn't be done better.
First the general ease of the game, forcing to raise the difficulty of clashes manually (using the special menu) worth transform into Thor and start reaping lives with a disarming ease. Unfortunately, in the face of the general simplicity of combat, I have never found a silent and stealthy approach convenient for timing and results. Instead, I appreciated a Green Arrow build, where you can shoot arrows like a machine gun and only eventually reach close combat.
The general optimization of the technical aspect of the title is not excellent, forcing anyone who does not have a card released in recent years to make compromises (avoidable if you consider other very similar open world titles) and the AI ​​of companions and enemies every now and then leaves something to be desired and can cause frustration.