"The army of evil"Opens the saga, which will unfold over the next four months, of the invasion of Erondár by a multitude of undead summoned by the necromancer Saul Jeranas.

The title page will feature, from The Army of Evil onwards, the heraldic symbol of the mini-saga of the undead
The symbol on the title page indicates the mini-saga of the undead

As usual, those interested in how the story of the "Dragonero the Rebel“, Published by Sergio Bonelli Editore, has unraveled up to this moment, can find it in this article summary.
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“Legion Of The Damned
Legion Of The Damned

Deprived of our lives, pushed into war
Our fearless leader lies,
he's rotten to the core
As per instruction
march through no man's land
Machines of destruction,
combat hand to hand
... "

Legion of the Damned, Alchemy, 1999, Yngwie Malmsteen

The army of evil

In The Army of Evil the invasion of Erondár by the undead summoned by Saul Jeranas starts
It goes without saying that facing Saul Jeranas' undead will not be a walk in the park

Just at the dawn of the final showdown between the Theocracy and the Rebels of Erondár, the fallen Luresindo Saul Jeranas unleashes his fatal necromancy throughout Erondár. His undead army is resurrected and swept across the earth again. Although Alben had, for some time now, warned of the nefarious threat, the swarming of the hordes of the damned of Ekhelas takes everyone by surprise. Immediately the first villages fall and the horde shows that they have a goal: the walls of Vàhlendàrt!
The battle is only just beginning, but one thing is immediately clear to Ian: helping the Erondár is more important than fighting Leario!

Saul Jeranas summons The Army of Evil to unleash all over Erondár
Saul Jeranas summons the army of evil

Episode analysis

Also this month the pen behind the first chapter of the mini-saga of the undead, "The army of evil“, Is that of Stefano Vietti. And it could only be his since, at first glance, the story seems to be the natural continuation of that of the past months. Although there is hardly any trace of Alben in this book ...
Instead of his dark half the stage is now, and it will be for the next few months: Saul Jeranas.

We hold in our hands a book full of events, with different theaters of action. However, this does not take away from the scriptwriter the possibility of throwing further seeds and ideas, and even pulling some threads, going to expand the tapestry of the Dragonero story.

We find characters we haven't seen from several issues (Mimr, Yazir e Aura). Let's see the reactions of Leario e Rooney, the convergence between the two opposing factions (Theocracy and the Rebels), forced to repel a horde of walking corpses, but among whose ranks are advancing relatives and fallen friends. The incipit with Ayla the Griffin, which supports a village from the first wave of the undead, well exemplifies the desperation of those who see a loved one return whose only mission is now to take down any person or thing that comes their way.
It goes without saying that rethinking the register "Told at night” (“Dragonero the Rebel"N. 27), it's not a good omen ...

Ayla the Griffin is the first to cross blades against The Army of Evil
Ayla the Griffin is the first to cross blades with the undead horde

The skill in arranging each piece on the chessboard of history shines through the entire register; it may seem difficult, and sometimes unnatural, to jump between events and bring them together in a homogeneous flow, but Vietti, once again, is masterful in his work.

But keystone of the entire register, however, is to be found in the short flashback about Saul Jeranas, after all he and Alben are two sides of the same coin. Their lives, so intertwined with each other since the days of the Academy, have led them to travel a path that has finally led them to a moment in which the two faces are forced to face each other, with all that will follow ...

In The Army of Evil, Saul Jeranas' memories are of hatred for Alben, Ian and his companions
Saul Jeranas' nemeses are Alben, Ian and companions

At the opening

In the editorial, Chronicles of the Rebellion, Luca Barbieri traces a very brief history of the character who opens this mini-saga: Ayla, Aergyll's Gryphoner. Going backwards we saw it on the cover of "The sword to the sky” (“Dragonero the Rebel"N. 11), in the books focusing on the War of the Black Queens, "The art of war"and "The day of heroes” (“Black Dragon"Nos. 60 and 62), where she played her role, until her first appearance in July 2015 with "The horde of the dead” (“Black Dragon"N. 26).

In The Army of Evil Ayla the Griffin plays a key role
Ayla the Griffin follows the movements of the undead horde from above

Coincidences? I do not think so

Adam Kadmon

Barbieri, once again, anticipates the next stages of Dragonero, after the two stories concerning the past of Alben (and Jeranas), "The army of evil”Is the starting register of the saga of the undead, which will accompany us in the next issues until the summer (including the second issue of July!).

Drawings & lettering

Gianluca Pagliarani (drawings) and Paolo Francescutto (colors), as always, they manage to capture the essence of the story giving life to a cover full of action and pathos. Ian is the central figure, the only bulwark around which a spiral of undead wraps itself ready to overwhelm everything, real "The army of evil".

As for the drawings, Lorenzo Nuti, thanks to his deep blacks, deals with the main story, while as regards the flashback on the past of Saul Jeranas, we find Fabio Babich who already last month had dedicated himself to the fallen Luresindo now doomed to darkness.

At the lettering department we find Omar Tuis.

The next issue, "The grip of the dark"(“Dragonero the Rebel"N. 31, 11 May), holds the second piece of the saga of the undead in its jaws. Ready to face the past that will rise from the ravines of Ekhelas?

It didn't go well for Saul Jeranas last time. If he tries again it means he has one "Discrete" resistance

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár