ArmaKitten puts things on the table that I never wanted our humans to know!
They should continue to look at us as soft, nurturing creatures who enjoy dropping their dice off the tables, and not as ruthless agents who want to do only one thing: dominate the world!

Although, in reality, they have always known that we are their masters ...

They will understand sooner or later, that's for sure, but it will be too late. Just look at the amount of videos we are the protagonists of. The huge number of photos. They also dedicated an episode of the Netflix series to us "Love, Death & Robots", Titled 'Three Robots'.

The humans who managed to discover our cards, and then built a game on them, are all of Apulian origin. They are part of an independent collective and respond to the name of: Emmanuel Somma, Joseph Zagaria, Mariangela Montenero e Raffaele Lops. In addition to them, an illustrator has joined B3autyinth3eye (art name of Monica Greco).
But we are not here to clean our fur, but to talk about ArmaKitten. So, as a proud member of the CAST, I will go to present the project.

ArmaKitten. Action, pampering and world domination

ArmaKitten is a game about action, espionage, lunches served by our human slaves and above all pampering. It's embarrassing how they always seek our approval, but you know what these creatures are like, don't you? In need of affection. Before they liked dogs, now they understand that they stink and we are prettier.
We are slowly gaining ground in your homes and this is exactly what the game is about.

A bit of history

We cats, some more, some less, are all active members of CAST (Felini United is preferably used for Supremacy andArmaKitten) an extensive global intelligence network capable of integrating into all human activities. From scientific research to the domination of internet video, our aim is to rule the world.
We are also masters of deception. We've made everyone believe they're docile furballs going crazy with laser hunting, cucumber fights, boxes, but it's actually all misinformation to protect our true purposes.
We give thanks to Baast, the first of us who, with masterful art, entered the hearts of a people so much that she became a goddess. It was she who first understood that the opposable thumb of humans would be a fundamental tool for global conquest. We had to dominate them, and that's what we're doing ...

Rules for playing ArmaKitten with us

The rules are very simple. Even a dog could learn them! It is a simple system of successes and failures, which uses six-sided dice. Four characteristics that represent the mastery of us cats: being cuddly, agile, tough and shrewd. Our senses and finally the Sign that guarantees us a specific ability: for example, I am very good with computers, I am a catbase, but there is not only this sign of mine.
There is also the Sign of Puss in Boots, bobcat, il nyan and finally the Piper. Each of these Signs confers unique powers to the cat, but in the Quickstart I got to read, only the Sign of the bobcat.

And finally, after all the rules, humans have entered a playable adventure called Save Soldier Porridge. I'm not going to reveal the background of this very complicated mission in the land of the United States, that place where it was said there were no cats, but I can only tell you that Nick Furry will need you!

Now that we have had the opportunity to observe a bit the content of this Quickstart, which the human has greatly appreciated, especially for its well-made images and its bright colors, I finally decided to take possession of the email address of the human and send some questions on his behalf. Obviously they fell for it when I impersonated myself in that pathetic receptacle only good for opening cans.

I started right away with a thorny question, you know? Here they are to you!

Why did you choose to publish a paid digital QuickStart? It is not a common practice in the field, where does this choice come from?

We know that publishing a paid QuickStart can seem risky, and we have chosen such a low price for this very reason. We are 4 humans independent of any publishing house, distributors and associations, we have our backs uncovered. Therefore, the best way to kick off the project, after 2 years of work and commitment, seemed to us to bring out a product that is worth much more than what we ask for (including illustrations, layout and tools such as the guide and interactive cards, as well as the large amount of rules and settings). In this way we hope to receive concrete support from our supporters to continue and start with the work on the complete manual and with a Crowdfunding. At that stage those who are supporting us now will have exclusive benefits, we are thinking about discounts and extra rewards, but it is still all a bit too much in the future. We strongly believe in this project and we hope that those who follow us can see it become the game it deserves to be!

Kickstarter or not? Are you thinking of having the game funded on the platform or do you have something else in mind?

Kickstarter is a possibility we've been considering for a long time but, before we jump into something this big, we're taking the opportunity to test the waters with this QuickStart. In the meantime we are already working on the final and complete manual and, if we get a good answer from this Quick, we will think about the next step. We still do not know if we will try to do everything internally as we have done so far or not but, whether it is for the edition or for the simple distribution, as well as for the management of the KickStarter campaign, we will certainly need a paw!

As for longer campaigns, how do you think you can increase the longevity of the game?

ArmaKitten is not a game that naturally lends itself to long campaigns (even if nothing prevents you from doing them!), But is designed for short campaigns of a few sessions. In the final manual we will explore all these possibilities; the goal is to allow you to create more campaigns (or missions, as we like to call them) that are linked in a wider narrative arc, each of which does not exceed 3-4 sessions. An episodic structure that allows you to play ArmaKitten even with discontinuity without penalties and that gives the possibility to explore the whole game world in a simple and fun way, both for those who are new to RPGs and for those who are now a veteran.

Will the cats experience growth expected? Will they be able to increase their characteristics?

We can't tell you much more but we have a very simple and storytelling character growth system in mind, like every other part of this game. The rules for the growth of the capabilities of our agents will be mainly linked to the events of each mission and to the way in which each agent has managed to grow, or simply to change, during the sessions, as well as being linked to the interaction with the human world and the ability of each cat to cope in the most risky situations.

Can you give us some anticipation on the other signs of cats?

You ask us a lot but maybe we can turn a blind eye as it is one of the highest exponents of FUSA who is interviewing us.
Meanwhile, the final manual will include AT LEAST FOUR OTHER additional signs with unique abilities that will help agents do things never seen before, interact with the environment, with other characters and with technology in new and exciting ways. In addition to the addition of new signs, in the final manual we will present some slightly more "advanced" mechanics in terms of narration, which will allow you to make the world of ArmaKitten really real, giving meaning to the consequences of the players' actions!

But above all, our cats can be converted to png in your world?

In the manual there will be the rules to create pg, png and antagonists of our agents! In addition, a few months ago, we launched a like contest on our Facebook and Instagram pages and we transformed the winner into a png that was included in the QuickStart, entering the world of Armakitten by right. We will certainly do other such contests; we are always ready and open to new and fun ideas. In addition, we would really like to encourage the idea of ​​community that has always animated us: we would like our community to always remain in ambush and that Armakitten and its world are also created by those who play with us!


Conclusions on ArmaKitten

My human slave was very satisfied as he read the game's Quickstarter and also when he talked about it to his fellow humans. In the meantime, I watched him and took note of his reactions.
He is one of the easy ones to control. Since he was little he has always loved us. As you humans will do, more and more, every time you get to play ad ArmaKitten.

As a true feline of CAST I recommend that you attend any event that is done to sponsor the game. I leave you, below, the address of the page Facebook di ArmaKitten, theirs website and their channel Discord.

Give this game a chance and, if you can, buy some tins from the authors, so at least they'll feed their cats!