Today we are going to face the figure ofGuardian angel. This is the embodiment of the very concept of giving and caring, the form of protecting others. In the most extreme cases it can even go as far as sacrificing oneself in defense of an ideal, no matter if individual or collective.

To what extent does protection in turn become a threat to be defended against? And what is the difference between being the heroic sacrifice and martyrdom? How are these aspects reflected in the figure ofAngelo and when it itself becomes a Demon?

 Rommel Pascual, 2012

Deepening on the angelic figure

The Guardian Angel therefore embodies the selfless love that acts without asking for anything in return. He can even become a martyr for what he has decided is worth being protected. He is also the part that looks after, protects and looks after our child side. Either when the world hurts him or when the pain we have within us, resulting from the loss of innocence, leads us to have self-destructive behaviors.

In combination with the Warrior, the Guardian Angel helps the individual to fight against the risk of ending up as a prisoner of addictions. He therefore combines the more rational and aggressive part with the more defensive one. Both help not to try to fill that inner void, deriving from the anguish that one faces during one's personal Journey, drawing on the vices of the material world. It's a bit like taking care of a garden. This requires both weeding and looking after the plants that are about to put out their first buds at the same time. And the garden metaphor is not limited only to the inner state, but also to the outside world. If the Sovereign sees potential to be unlocked in his Kingdom, it is the Guardian Angel's job to make this happen. In a serene and fertile climate, without overpowering others to force them to grow.

Alexander Karcz, 2019

The ultimate goal of the Guardian Angel is to learn the art of balance between taking care of one's self and paying attention to others. Over time, if properly developed, it teaches to reflect itself in others thus avoiding causing pain in the world. After all, every other living being feels the same emotions that we feel and can be hurt as much as we are, but it is not certain that he has had the opportunity to learn from that pain.


Shaded sides

The shadow side of the Guardian Angel manifests itself when the individual cares for others without having developed true independence and identity. He thus ends up not so much trying to be a support for the other person, but seeing in him a form of salvation or fulfillment. The other is not the ultimate goal, but the means to feel alive.

To better understand this passage, I recommend reading the comic "The flight of angels”In which you can find a very strong figure regarding the Guardian Angel.

Another negative side of this archetype manifests itself when it takes the form of a real suffocating figure. She is unable to break the relationship with the one she loves and is obsessed with the idea of ​​losing him up to extreme gestures.
The nurse protagonist of "Misery must not die" is a good example of this Shadow. In fact, she keeps the writer of her favorite novels imprisoned, after having rescued and rescued him after a car accident. She is so worried about the death of the protagonist of her favorite novels that she lavishes loving care and mistreatment at the same time. The purpose? Have him rewrite the ending of the last book.

There is another level of this type of relationship, when the caregiver is constantly projecting their unfulfilled desires. Or when he is so concerned with the other as to build a symbolic cage of ideas and rules designed to prevent the latter from suffering. The end result, it goes without saying, is completely the opposite.

Guardian Angel in literature

A good reference narrative can certainly be that of "The Binding of Isaac". It is a video game where the protagonist, Isaac, to escape a religious fundamentalist mother, obsessive to the point of wanting to sacrifice it to the voices in her head in order not to let it become impure, will face a series of challenges in a world that unites the horror gore and chibi style.

Another shadow form of this archetype is when he becomes a "Martyr", that is when a person who has not adequately developed the warrior and does not know how to say no for fear of rejection or because he thinks he has obligations when he receives something, ends to live imbued with a constant sense of guilt deriving from the fact that he does not see his needs as something important for his own development but as a vile act of selfishness.

Conclusions on the Guardian Angel

In short, Angels or Demons, in the end the answer lies only in understanding if others are the reason why we perform certain actions or, if basically, it is nothing more than a means to not face ourselves for real.