Anarchists is the new compendium for the fifth edition of "Vampires: La Masquerade", released yesterday on the Need Games website, Italian publisher of the title. Together with his twin, Camarilla, he composes a duo recommended to all vampire lovers even before role-playing lovers. It contains few rules and focuses on conveying the mood of a vampire type far from the palace games that we have seen in Camarilla.

Who is the Compendium for? Who should read it?

Anarchists talk to lovers of the street vampire, the creature of the night who lives night by night and loves hunting. The compendium is aimed at those who want to immerse themselves in a subculture that rejects a history, a religion and a tradition dropped from above. Describing the anarchist movement cannot go through the same phases as the Camarilla, because it does not have the organization. If the Ivory Tower is similar to a cathedral, the anarchist movement is much more similar to a gigantic bazaar: a set of nearby but different tents that barely form a structure.

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Mood of the Compendium

Most of the manual is composed of many short stories of non-aligned vampires that tell a thousand and one ways to belong to the anarchist movement. Just as there are no two cities in the Camarilla with the same needs and the same balance of power, there are no two similar anarchist groups. Some of them will tell you, with a lot of unlikely scientific reports, how vampires are actually comparable to a virus or a mushroom. Other leeches will tell you how they are cursed beings who live to do some justice. Some theories will seem excessive and devoted to excess, this is true, but when approaching anarchist movements one must be ready for a whole plethora of ideas that simply see in the Camarilla an enemy to be knocked down.

It will very often happen to read how some groups dissent from others and consider their actions, although in line with the movement, the result of privileges and personal glory. Others will push towards Barons' presence to maintain order, albeit differently than a Prince would do. Some think that all the elderly are to be seen at sunrise.

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A different conception of the clanless and twilight

Some Anarchist exponents see the Cowardly and the Weak Blood as an opportunity, not just as something to destroy. After all, how well can we read about the manual, what better non-aligned than those who show no sign of any clan or even look like vampires?