The saga of Alien appeared in the rooms over forty years ago. The first film assumed a legendary status and left an indelible mark on the history of cinema to become seminal. An indelible sign that not even one Xenomorph facehugger it would do better in a host body.

The Alien (o) who penetrated into the fabric of the collective imagination of the time totally undermined what we had always imagined. Already some hints to beings, who were not properly sentient, or who in any case did not reason in the human perspective of "wars of conquest", had peeped out in other productions, the myth of Alien remains however unique.

The Xenoform is born from a rare mixture of overtly sexual aesthetics and the deformation of motherhood. It would be enough to think about how the alien reproduces itself using a form of violence that transforms any body into a uterus ready to eject the larva. The child that will be born will be the ultimate predator, and a sense of the crisis of history.


Alien facehugger

Alien and the Crisis of History

The evolution of human thought, in fact, takes on tones closer to Lovecraft's cosmic horror than to the optimism of Asimov and the previous science fiction. Astronauts are no longer fearless explorers, but mere miners looking for materials to plunder.
Spaceships are not splendid chrome vessels equipped with incredible technologies, but brutalist barracks that move in a cold universe that ignores the race that would like to master them.

The alien itself is not a creature that has a purpose that envisions humans. If we think about it, in fact, its function is only to be a perfectly designed killing machine whose ultimate goal is extermination. In fact, he could easily use any body as a host, and in fact, in the third film, a dog will act as an incubator.

We can therefore consider Alien the father of deconstructionism that will haunt the 80s and that has given us masterpieces such as Watchmen di Alan Moore o Crisis on Infinite Earths by DC Comics, the beginning of a bronze age that is slammed in our face showing us how, in the future, the boundary between human, non-human and inhuman is now too blurred.

Faced with the questions posed by cyberpunk, even the Space Opera must bow its head and admit, on the one hand, that the failure of the Utopias of the 60s and 70s have now been assimilated in the eyes of the public and that the world towards which the Nostromo it is taking us others is nothing but the normal evolution of a path that has its roots in the reflections on capitalism and on the much vaunted freedom of previous decades.

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Alien, Megacorporations and Electric Sheep

In a claustrophobic environment where you are nothing but a tool, exactly like the android that accompanies you, in the hands of a megacorporation that sees in space only the umpteenth material from which to profit, your life is worth nothing.
In fact, it's worth so little that the real conflict is about who will be the first to eliminate you. The faceless alien or the executive who decrees your death from afar? Is human life better or safeguarding a potential tool from which to profit after having stolen its secrets and having learned how to reproduce it en masse?

And the first non-human species with which you really get a confrontation can really be defined as hostile when it is nothing more than an alpha super predator, what other purpose does it have other than the killing of everything it encounters?
Isn't the xenomorph much more like a machine capable of reproducing itself by exploiting external resources than to an actual animal?

A hyper-performing being that colonizes and extracts from the host body what it needs without caring for the consequences. The apex predator who teaches the human being that perhaps, on his planet, he can be at the top of the food chain due to his intelligence, but that for the first time he finds himself colliding with something that in a distorted and sick form is very more pragmatic than him, even in his own physical and mental structure.

A monster that devours everything without posing any problems and that is not difficult to compare to its own prey trapped in a box adrift in a universe that is not hostile, it is simply deaf and devoid of mercy. Just like the reality we are experiencing



Alien and the Xenomorph then open the antechamber to this huge reflection. Perhaps we have never really metabolized the great crisis of the twentieth century.
It has been hidden under the carpet and has slowly expanded into all that is fiction, eroding any positive idea, infecting it and showing the public that the optimism of the previous century is now the main course of a banquet we are at. binge in the name of ever greater efficiency, but forgive the pun, at some point we realized something.

Evolution is not a gala dinner.