In this article we return to talk about Alicization. If you are not familiar with the series, we recommend you to retrieve the reviews of the other episodes to this link.
Continuing directly from the first, hurried episode exactly where we were left hanging, the Underworld War offers us intense action again, while setting the events and objectives that the protagonists will have to face in the next few bars of history.

Alicization: Action and reaction

Last week we had identified some rhythm and story problems in the opening episode of this season and, fortunately, the second seems to want to condense fewer events within it, resuming the narration from the point where the previous episode had it left with the converted ALO accounts led by Klein, Agil, Lisbeth and Silica, to reinforce Asuna and the armies of the Human Empire against US players who, unaware of the true nature of the virtual world in which they entered (and we can see, even if in a little in-depth way, that some of them are realizing that they are in a little funny situation), they invaded Underworld among the ranks of soldiers of Vector.

Although there is a short action performance, in which we can see many faces of the previous seasons, including the leaders of the Alfheim factions but, above all, the members of the Sleeping Knights guild, much more significant for Asuna, this segment of the The episode of Alicization serves more to show how the Human Empire will deploy its counter-offensive, following Asuna's instructions, with the viewer's awareness that Vassago is lurking in anticipation of the right moment to assassinate the girl.


The Kirito case

Much more important are the other two key sections of the episode: the first takes us back to Ocean Turtle, where Higa and Kikuoka manage to find a possible solution to awaken Kazuto thanks to the peaks of conscious activity detected in correspondence with his meeting with the members of his party.
The repair of the boy's Fluctlight is, however, impossible to carry out remotely and requires direct intervention on the machinery to which it is connected, which will entail risks given the mercenary group that has under siege the research ship.

Bercouli Synthesis One

The other section, which closes the block of events adapted in this episode, is entirely dedicated to the duel between Bercouli Synthesis One and the Emperor Vector, where the first exhibits not only his great skill and strategic experience, but also the immense power that Quinella, through her experiments with the Underworld virtual system, has granted him.

The clash from full display of the technical level of this anime, creating a dynamic, engaging action that well represents the titans who are exchanging blows on this occasion, with even the direct intervention of the dragon of Bercouli towards the end of the battle that opens the door to the use of different visual effects otherwise impossible to contextualize.

The fate of the duel is therefore resolved, with a certain surprise, in a way that is anything but taken for granted compared to what was initially expected (especially from the formula of the narrative arcs of Sword Art Online), shuffling the cards on the table for the protagonists in a considerable way: if on the one hand Gabriel Miller will continue with his plan to kidnap Alice and extract her from Underworld for his deviant and personal reasons, on the other hand what will happen in the near future has become rather difficult to predict with certainty, especially whereas the war will have to be resolved over 9 episodes.