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While in the front line the Integral Knights face the first wave of the armies of Vector, the rear is left to themselves by their commander who, panicked, puts himself in safety.

When the enemy passes the first block, however, the intervention of the younger Knight becomes increasingly necessary.

Alicization: Mass destruction

Fizel and Linel find themselves cornered after a part of the goblin army, through a subterfuge, manages to circumvent Eldrie and his platoon leaving the support troops to stop them.
Unfortunately Renly Synthesis Twenty-seven, who would have faced such an eventuality, seems to have disappeared, hiding in terror due to his inexperience and young age.

Even in the most terrible conditions, however, Kirito will give support to the Knight by reversing the situation, while the Dark Territory army will have to witness the display of destructive power that the best warriors of the Church of Axiom are capable of.



With this episode Kirito reinforces the idea of ​​being a more inspirational figure for the AI ​​who live in Underworld, rather than an agent active in the events of the virtual environment: previously we have seen him give a completely new turn to the prospects of several characters, with Eugeo and Alice at the top of the list, but seeing how his presence remains tangible and concrete even at the expense of his current condition only cementes this role.

The first half of the seventh episode of War of Underworld focuses on Renly, the youngest Integral Knight with his barely 15 years of age who we know have been frozen indefinitely as a punishment from Quinella, a spell broken with the death of the Pope.

Several flashbacks explain the reason for this punishment: Renly is considered defective for his inability to obtain full control of the Sacred Arts of his weapon, placing it at a level well below what is expected from an Integral Knight.

We discover that this defect of his comes from the trauma, which he still remembers, immediately during the tournament to decide the next candidate to join the Church of Axiom, an occasion on which Renly accidentally killed a close friend causing him a sense of inadequacy that has brought along even after the investiture.

In a world like Underworld, where self-image is closely linked with one's abilities, it is therefore not surprising that Renly is weak both physically and mentally.
Unable to turn the page once thawed, the brutality of the war takes over his already fragile state combined with his inexperience, leading him to take refuge in the tents of supplies that his platoon was supposed to protect.
At this juncture, which we discover to coincide with the cloud of smoke thrown by the goblins to climb over the platoon of Eldrie in the last episode, Tiese and Ronye make their appearance to seek a hiding place that can keep Kirito safe.

Inevitably the quartet finds himself face to face with one of the past enemies beyond the vanguard and it is here that Renly manages to find courage in seeing not only the two cadets, who by their own admission do not have the necessary skills to face a goblin, to line up to fulfill the task assigned to them, but even a Kirito unable to speak or interact with the surrounding environment gives signs of conscience in order to defend the two.

Although perhaps in an excessively sudden way, therefore, Renly regains his chivalrous tenor by showing off his skills by successfully defending Kirito and his two keepers, to then even defeat one of the goblin captains.

Returning instead to the heart of the battle, we finally get to know why Bercouli was deployed in the rear: the preparation of a trap for the Dark Territory air troops using the full power of his sword in an attack that is so lacking in spectacularity visual but which on the other hand proves to be extremely efficient.

This event acts as a signal for Alice, who we had previously seen preparing a spell: the girl is in fact accumulating magical power both from the environment and from the residual life force of the fallen in battle, concentrating all that energy in a sphere mirrored in the inside of which countless rays of light bounce infinitely, accumulating energy with each bounce.
Once the Bercouli signal has been identified, we can finally witness the devastating effects Alice is capable of: an imposing explosion of devastating scope that completely decimates the enemy forces in a visual show that serves as the salient moment of the episode as well as the closing scene.


Although the episode is all in all linear and without discussion windows, it is interesting to see Alice contemplate the equality between the souls of her companions and her enemies, giving a much heavier weight on her actions, giving her a new perspective on her world. and the awareness that in exterminating Vector's troops is destroying people and individuals rather than monsters without a face or heart, as well as showing them the futility of the battle: in fact, we should remember that in theory you should have the task of acting as AI for control of drones and unmanned military vehicles, giving the issues posed by the girl a weight that goes beyond the moment itself, especially if properly treated by the series.

The huge destructive ray that Alice threw on the invaders should have opened the window for a moment's breath from this battle, but the war is clearly far from over: "The blood and the life" is in fact the title of the eighth episode, and we can certainly expect a counterattack by the still numerous army in the service of Vector.