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Between direct confrontations and misadventures, in Alicization Ep 8 we find out more about the central mechanics of Underworld, while the heroes step by step get closer and closer to their goal.

Synopsis of Alicization Ep 8

An honorable mention must be made to the rhythm of the series, which has definitely repaired the defects of the previous ones in a rather effective and constant way. Beyond that, Alicization Ep 8 turns out to be a solid episode, although quite ordinary and not particularly noteworthy.

The knowledge of the original material can make Alicization Ep 8 shine more, which remedies some potential problems given by various omissions made by the adaptations so far. The major lies in the importance of the Sword Skills and Styles, connecting those elements to the power that the imagination can have in a battle, giving ideas about developments that in the future could become of fundamental importance.

The connection between fighting spirit and attack force is a fairly common gimmick in anime, but it's rare to see it tied to specific mechanics and rules of the context of the story. Not only is this a welcome novelty but, in this case, it allows you to reflect extensively on the possibilities that this can open up in a completely virtual environment.

The characters of Alicization Ep 8

Furthermore, the mysterious voice heard by Kirito in the part dedicated to the Zephilia offers a new narrative cue: the voice clearly was not that of Alice, already heard previously at the end of the battle with the Goblins. So the character traits whose introduction was cut off as part of the Zakkaria arc are very likely.

This is an excellent point to reinsert that character in the story, as previously estimated, but adding a touch of mystery on what is happening.

His words, combined with Kirito's reflections on the meaning of the Zephilia (which, in turn, fill a narrative cut from the previous episode), add a more than acceptable level of emotion by letting us question what else the Zephilia can mean for Kirito .

As for the action, however, a couple of solid and well-made scenes are proposed, something in which Sword Art Online has always been quite consistent anyway.

In Alicization Ep 8, Ronye Arabel and Tiese Shtolienen, the pages of Kirito and Eugeo, will also be introduced, which will certainly be an important part of the development of the two protagonists and their progress in their adventure. The noble bullies are perhaps a bit over the top in their being antagonists, but the series for the moment is well counterbalancing this type of minor burr.

Il next episode, titled "The Duties of the Nobles", suggests that we are not finished with them yet, even if their social position of advantage seems to be a rather big obstacle for our heroes.