Completing the long explanation already started previously, we discover the origins of Cardinal and his goal towards Quinella, to then define the final goal for Kirito and Eugeo.

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Synopsis ofAlicization Ep 13

In a direct continuation of the flashback on Quinella, the Underworld administrator Pontiff, Cardinal continues its narration of past events revealing how Quinella has reached its maximum memory capacity, risking very serious consequences on its Fluctlight.

Quinella and Cardinal

To avoid repercussions on one's integrity, therefore, Quinella has decided to take a girl's Fluctlight and connect her memories to her, using it substantially as an external data storage unit, giving rise to the ritual that generates Knights Integrators.

The woman's experiment, however, contained a significant error, since in addition to her own memories, Quinella's exclusive authority and power were also shared, giving rise to the one we now know as Cardinal.

Dominated by the subprogram that makes up half of the Cardinal System, dedicated to making sure that the whole system works without system errors, Cardinal immediately attacks Quinella and, after a short fight, realizes that he cannot face the Pope directly with the body of a little girl, being forced to flee to one of the only two places over which Quinella has no authority: the Library.

Cardinal, therefore, reveals that he has spent the last 200 years of Underworld in search of a human being who can help her defeat the Administrator.

Cardinal's revelations

Furthermore, one of Cardinal's main considerations is the indifference of human supervisors to the current situation of Underworld.

This led her to realize that Rath has no intention of letting the inhabitants of the simulation live in a peaceful way and that inevitably, once a certain level of expansion is reached, Rath will allow the creatures of the Dark Territory to attack the kingdom of men. For this reason, Cardinal asks Kirito to save those he deems most deserving of the total destruction of the world, a request which however is not accepted by the boy, who promises to find a more peaceful solution to the dramatic situation.

Reunited with Eugeo, Cardinal explains to the two guests how the memories of the Integration Knights are manipulated, what their peculiar skills are seen inprevious episode and how to replicate them, besides suggesting that the top floor of the tower, Quinella's rooms, probably contains all the stolen memories, including Alice's.

This information defines Kirito and Eugeo's next target: retrieve your swords and cross the 100 floors of Central Cathedral with the help of the information just acquired.

Considerations on Alicization Ep 13

As expected Alicization Ep 13 concludes the first section of licensing closing the flashback started previously in order to set the focus of the events in this series.

The huge amount of information is interspersed with battle between Quinella and Cardinal, described by the latter in the original Light Novel only in a hinted way, with a greater emphasis on the disadvantage of Cardinal due to the difference in height compared to Quinella, while in this episode it is enriched and embellished by the visual and sound effects well used in transposing a battle to the death between two almost omnipotent entities in this world.

The result of the battle, however, is always the same: Cardinal is isolated in the library while Quinella maintains her total control over Underworld men through the Axiom Church.

Reinterpretations and hypotheses

La subprogram nature dedicated to the correction of errors in the Cardinal System that the woman reveals explain different aspects of her character, starting from her direct opposition to Quinella, interpreted as a main program gone out of control, to her nihilistic vision of events, which presupposes a "stress test "By Rath in the form of a direct conflict with the forces of the Dark Territory (indirectly confirming their Fluctlight nature) and which requires the almost total destruction of the living creatures of Underworld, with Kirito chosen as the" ark " for a small selection of individuals that Cardinal assigns to the boy.

Cardinal's assumptions, however pessimistic, do not move Kirito from his typical determination, which however is greeted with a rather negative warning from Cardinal, perhaps suggesting important future events.

La final revelation, following the explanation to Kirito and Eugeo on how to dominate the "memories" of weapons, the position of the memories of the Knights and, consequently, of Alice set the events that will probably directly involve the next thirteen episodes, dedicated to the recovery of weapons and to the climb of Cathedral, ironically composed of 100 floors that recall the structure of the flying castle, theater of the events of the first series.