"A Look in the Dark" is the Italian translation of "The Black Eye”, The most popular German role-playing game, originally published in Germany some 35 years ago. The first Italian edition of the game, published in the mid-80s by Edizioni EL, and its fantastic continent of Aventuria were for many young adventurers their first contact with the role-playing game. The Company of the Twelve Gems wants to bring this title back to Italy, with a new and imaginative guise.

The return of "A Look in the Dark" is an opportunity to approach the new 5a edition of the game, both for the nostalgic of the first hour and for new players eager to discover one of the longest and richest fantastic settings that have ever been created, with 35 years of history to accompany the deeds of its heroes.

A look in the dark


The fundraising campaign on Kickstarter it was launched on Monday 9 December and exceeded the minimum funding threshold just over 24 hours from the start. The campaign will continue until Sunday 12 January, while the delivery of most of the material is scheduled for April 2020. The basic regulation of the 5th edition of "Uno Sguardo nel Buio" will be included in a 420-page manual, richly illustrated in color , which will include all the basic information to create your own hero / heroine and know the rules of the game. The Italian manual will be based on the German version and will represent a "faithful and uncensored transposition". The game will feature 4 playable races, over 25 different cultures and 30 professions.

The manual will be available in three different versions for the duration of the Kickstarter: standard; premium and medieval. The first will also be recoverable later, as for all role-playing manuals, while the other two will be limited or numbered. The second will have a black imitation leather cover and silver-colored decoration and numbering for Kickstarter supporters. The third will be handcrafted as an authentic historical tome. However, the contents of the three versions will be perfectly identical.

A look in the dark

Private Community vs Social

A choice undoubtedly peculiar to this Kickstarter is the possibility for lenders to join a private community. The tendency to want to escape from the social environment like Facebook can be a double-edged sword, especially for those who want new players. The risk is obviously to ghettoize or to see your community of players gradually decrease.

A worthy Quickstart

As our readers will know, for role-playing games we find that Quickstart is one of the key points of the Kickstarter campaign. The ability to try a game, before deciding whether to support it or not, is very important in the modern market, characterized by a very wide range of games. The Quickstart of "A Look in the Dark" arrives with 6 pre-generated characters and 24 other presentation pages of the game system and the world.