Vikings - Between history and legend is a book written by Jason R. Forbus for AliRibelli Edizioni. You can buy both a paperback and an ebook on the place of the publishing house or in many other online stores, preferring the reader. Like the other works that Forbus has brought to our attention, this too stands out for its simple, flowing, never boring and incredibly instructive prose.

Why talk about Vikings?

The growing interest in Vikings, fueled by American pop culture, has given rise to widespread fashions that range from simple aesthetic factors such as hair, tattoos and objects, to the very way of approaching existence and spirituality. This volume aims to offer an overview of the history, society and religion of the Vikings.

Why buy Vikings - Between history and legend?

Imagine having a small portable encyclopedia on the Vikings, their history and culture. How many times have you wondered if something you had seen on TV was accurate? If it were really so? This book answers your questions. The chapters are short and full of information, exposed in a simple and never banal way. It will surprise all readers, from the most accustomed to Norse culture to beginners (to whom this book is highly recommended, almost a must have) to discover some secrets contained in this work. Moving from the classic comparisons between Santa Claus and Odin, to war tactics, to the Viking diet, there are always surprises to read. Did you know that Rome was once (almost) conquered by Bjorn? Yes, just the son of Ragnar that the TV series Vikings made it famous.


Two words about the author

Jason Ray Forbus was born in Rome on 17 December 1984. An Italian-American citizen, Jason's dual cultural identity, combined with a strong love for travel, led him to live, work and study in Italy, Spain, Sweden since he was a boy , United Kingdom and the United States. Descended by a direct line from Ochonachar Forbois, founder of the Clan Forbes (1100 AD), Jason has Celtic and Norse blood from his father, Greek and Italian from his mother. A great lover of history and mythology, who considers essential tools for the continuous understanding of human adventure, he is an author of essays, prose and poetry!

We have already reviewed his works The Memory of Odin and for AliRibelli i Tales of the Eternal Night.