The seventh and final season of "The Clone Wars" saw the release of the first episode last weekend in the United States, on the Disney + platform arriving next month also in Italy. In the last panel dedicated to the TV series, 12 episodes have been announced, which will conclude the journey of Ahsoka, Rex and the clones with respect to the events of Episode III of Star Wars.

Welcome back to the Clone Wars

The style of this episode of "The Clone Wars" recalls the frenzy of the Clone War, shown already at the beginning of "Revenge of the Sith" and in several other episodes. It begins in medias res, with a brief presentation of the problem announced by the narrator. The dialogues are few but significant and it is the clone shootings and military capabilities that are the masters.

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The Bad Batch

On planet Anaxes, Republic troops are facing a new capacity of the Separatist Army droids: each strategy of the clones is analyzed and rendered ineffective with a speed never seen before, enough to make the number of victims impressive. Summoned to report, Rex explains to the Jedi masters Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker how the problem requires, in his opinion, an infiltration mission to find out the cause of this new situation. Cody, defending what appears to be a suicidal idea, calls a small unit of irregular clones to the planet called "Clone Force 99", representing the defective products of Kamino.

It is on this occasion that we get to know the group known as "The Bad Batch”And its four members: Sergeant Hunter, the team leader; Wrecker, recognizable by his super strength; Crosshair, the bleak and sarcastic sniper; and Tech, the super intelligent expert in technology and infiltration.

Brave but lucky choices for the first episode

I would have expected a completely different start for the last season of "The Clone Wars". The lack of Jedi, except for the first three minutes of the episode with Anakin and Mace Windu, and the absence of what should be the absolute protagonist of this season, Ahsoka, made me think. It was undoubtedly courageous choices, with the hope that unit 99 is a constant of the season and there is time to deepen the four clones, removing them from the shadow of the stereotype.

The Clone Wars