Why aren't Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth on Star Trek 4? And what does Karl Urban think about it?

As any self-respecting trekker will know, Paramount Picture and Skydance Media have a fourth title in the pipeline on Star Trek, for which negotiations with the actors are already underway.

However, the situation is far from rosy: Star Trek Beyond it has not performed well at the box office and the revenues have gone down, while the costs of certain actors only increase. That's why the franchise's two Chris, Pine and Hemsworth, may not appear in Star Trek 4.

The problem? Obviously the money.

Although Paramount and the two actors did not initially leave statements to confirm the rumors, the news now seems certain: Chris Pine e Chris Hemsworth, who were supposed to return to the roles of Captain Jim Kirk and his father George Kirk, will not be featured in the fourth reboot film of Star Trek.

The reason for the break is unexpectedly simple: having become international stars, the two Chris asked to be paid on the basis of their new quotes, much higher than those established with Paramount in 2009, when the first one came out Star Trek. In ten years, in fact, things can change considerably, and if Hemsworth and Pine ten years ago were medium-sized pranksters (remember that Thor was released in 2011 and that Hemsworth got the part of the God of Thunder in 2009, while Jim Kirk was the first real starring role in Pine), today the two Chris are internationally successful actors.

And a little overpriced for Paramount's tastes.

Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk and Chris Pine as Jim Kirk
Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk and Chris Pine as Jim Kirk

But shouldn't Star Trek break through the box office?

Apparently not. In fact, the last film released, Star Trek Beyond, which cost $ 190 million, earned only 343 million, ending up do not have a large profit margin. Indeed, if we have to listen to some insiders mentioned byHollywood Reporter, Beyond it would even cause the company to lose money. A real shame, in my opinion, since it was my favorite title among the reboots.

However, one must also take into account the fact that new movies on Star Trek they never performed as well as Marvel or Star Wars. In fact, if the latter tend to earn figures above 700 million dollars, the former Star Trek it stopped at 386 million, while its sequel, Into darkness, hit 467 million.

For all three films in the franchise, the budget was around $ 190 million, maybe this time we will see him go down. Indeed, it seems that in a world full of superheroes and space battles, the science fiction proposed by Star Trek is not so attractive, despite the longevity of the trekkier fandom.

Star Trek Beyond
Star Trek Beyond

In particular, second Forbes, Beyond he would have had a mediocre box office performance precisely because it was shot as a series of TV episodes, presenting a classic Star Trek plot that had little to do with the breaking tone of his two predecessors. In this sense, Beyond may have been perceived as "yet another Star Trek movie", without the spectacularity of the very high budget films we are used to: Avengers Infinity Warfor example, it cost nearly $ 400 million.

Star Trek 4 is in danger?

It seems not: the rest of the old cast signed their new contracts and should participate in the film.

In general, the fourth episode had already emerged as a novelty carrier, since it would have been the first film of Star Trek to have a woman, SJ Clarkson (Jessica Jones e Orange is the New Black), as a director and to be shot not in the United States or Canada, but in the United Kingdom. At the moment, Star Trek 4 it could also be the first reboot of Star Trek without its iconic protagonist: it is still unknown whether Paramount will recast the two Kirks, or whether it will change the plot.

In fact, originally, Star Trek 4 he was supposed to tell about one of the iconic time travel of the franchise, in which the members of the Enterprise would meet Kirk's father. As a result, the renunciation of Pine and Hemsworth could have serious consequences even on the plot of the film, if no new faces were found for Jim and George Kirk.

For sure, we should expect that production does not start in 2019, as he had estimated at the time Simon Pegg, the actor who plays Scotty.

Karl Urban at the Star Trek The Original Series Set Tour
Karl Urban at the Star Trek The Original Series Set Tour

But perhaps there is still hope: what did Karl Urban say?

A few days ago, at the New York convention in Trekonderogo, Karl Urban, who in recent films played the Enterprise's on-board physician, Leonard McCoy, told himself hopeful of Chris Pine's return to the field.

In fact, according to Urban, the entire cast of Star Trek wants to participate in the fourth film in the series, including Pine. Therefore, if Paramount wanted, yes this stalemate could be resolved and we could see a return of canonical Captain Kirk.

I know Chris. We were all in touch recently and everybody wants to do it and make it happen. So, if Paramount is willing there will be a way to make it happen. So, fingers crossed.

Urban, as a big fan of the classic series of Star Trek, has often been very critical of the screenplay choices of past films and Trekonderogo he seemed much more concerned about the type of plot he would have Star Trek 4rather than the absence of the two Chris.

Obviously, one wonders if, at this point, the quality of the plot does not also depend on the presence of these two actors, not to mention the fact that good box office receipts are also made by choosing a prominent cast. Nowadays, probably, staging Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth, after the fame they have achieved with the films of Marvel and DC, would be a very good investment and that would bring many more spectators to the theater. One wonders if this strategy of going on a budget will not be detrimental to the franchise.

However, even in this case it would be a bet that could cost dear to Paramount, which does not have the resources of the Marvel house to make impact blockbusters. At this point, should we expect Star Trek to be bought by Disney too?