NB: This article will be updated with the latest news on the matter, as we discover them!

The "Play - Game Festival"(Commonly also called" Modena Play ") is a convention dedicated to gaming in general that takes place at the fairgrounds organized in Modena, from 2008 to today.

The fair was born from one thirty-year tradition, legacy of the previous one ModCon, which has maintained the characteristic of being organized by fans and players. Every year there is the contribution of various recreational associations scattered throughout the Italian territory who also collaborate on an organizational level, and sees the participation of some publishers and distributors in the sector.

At Play - Festival del Gioco there are various types of entertainment related to the game, mainly table and role-playing, such as workshops, workshops, debates and conferences, also developed in the week before the festival in the city of Modena.

The announcement: Modena Play 2020 postponed!

It is now customary that the "Play - Festival del Gioco" is held at the beginning of April. Despite the announcement that, for the 2020 edition, the dates chosen would be 3-4-5 April, unfortunately, the event it was postponed to May 22-24. We find out from post of "The Land of Games".

To adapt to recent directives, which are hitting all of northern Italy and which have already done millions of euros in damage, Modena Play will be postponed for a month. We will therefore see the doors of the fair par excellence open in May.

This fact will obviously create considerable inconvenience, both because of the reservations already made that will be rescheduled, and due to the presence of other events in the same period. We hope that everyone will be able to follow this development and that, above all, presence will not be affected.

Modena Play 2020 update: Need Games also confirms that the fair will be postponed!

On the Facebook page ., the publishing house Need Games in turn announces that Modena Play will be postponed to 22-24 May.

Need Games reconfirms its support for the fair, especially in view of the delicate situation that is being experienced in Italy. So, Need Games invites everyone to use the hashtag #PlayInMay in support of the Play - Festival del Gioco.

In addition, Need Games suggests that perhaps, thanks to the extra month available, they could even think of an extra release. What will it be?

Modena Play 2020 update: the Pathfinder Society Italy also confirms that the fair will be postponed!

After the publication of this article, the Pathfinder Society Italy confirms that Modena Play will be postponed to May 22-24, as written to them (as organizers and exhibitors) via email.

Modena Play 2020 update: official confirmation arrives!

With a official communication, the organizers of Play - Festival del Gioco confirm the postponement of the fair to the days of 22, 23 and 24 May.

The postponement of the fair was essential due to the Coronavirus emergency and is obviously not wanted by the organizers, who however also communicate good news!

Tickets already bought will remain valid!

We inform you that all types of tickets purchased to date for the event in question will remain valid for access to the show on the new set dates, therefore it will be possible to access PLAY even if the entry title shows the old dates. 

In the coming days we will communicate the date of reactivation of the online ticket service. Modena Play will always be held at ModenaFiere.

Solidarity with Modena Play

Evidently, this postponement of the fair was made necessary by the regional safety regulations on the emergency of the Coronavirus, and certainly will not please even those who organize Modena Play. Postponing a fair of this magnitude is not easy and will certainly require a lot of extra work.

As Atlantean Seekers, we stand in solidarity with the Modena Play organization and we invite all our readers to be understanding towards them. It is certainly not the fault of the organizers, and it is also up to us, within the limits of our possibilities, support the Play - Festival del Gioco in this difficult time.