I was waiting for Peter Pan Instead the monsters came is the new project de LaPiccolaVolate. Remember this collective? We talked about it a couple of years ago I'm always on these pages.

Duty introductions

For those who have never met Captain PanHuy and Capitana Borderline, know that they are known to the century as Emiliano Billai and Michela Meloni, and they are the two minds that operate the independent editorial brig LaPiccolaVolante.

The former is an illustrator and narrator, who is responsible for writing the regulations of the writing games on the platform LaPiccolaVolante, as well as offering his creations. He is also the author of many covers and illustrations of the works in the catalog, as well as being responsible for the first stage of analysis and processing of the texts and drawings that will become part of the publishing house's production.
As icing on the cake he writes and follows the projects of the drawing and screenwriting workshops for LPV.

Michela Meloni is the company administration with a capital A. Specialized in Media Publishing and Journalism, she represents LPV in communication and stretches the merciless shadow on the filing, editing, lettering and layout of the LPV production.

The ship's route is simple, just keep it free and independent!

I was waiting for Peter Pan instead the Monsters arrived

Two little words about the ship!

LPV was born as a writing workshop based on a simple game. Simple or complex regulations that force the narrator to travel on the tracks of a predetermined genre, environment or subject. Production LaPiccolaVolante was born inside the laboratory and during the writing games. Whenever an interesting story comes to life from a game, the author is drawn into the story processing and analysis and editing plans.

Each narrator / player can, if needed, ask for characters to borrow from the other LPV authors, who can freely choose whether to consent to their use or not. It has never happened that someone has denied the use of an unused character.

LPV works and works to restore the habit to the stories below, without claiming literary weight, but only for the pleasure of living one more story. "Read to become all the heroes I can, because one life is not enough for me!”, This is the motto of LPV.

It does not take advantage of any public funding, not a penny: "Ours was the choice to eat the calm albatross, ours and of those who decide to invest and travel on the LPV pirate free brig!".

LaPiccolaVolante banner

But let's talk about the project.

Project I was waiting for Peter Pan instead the monsters arrived

This crowfunding is aimed at the production of the comic book "I was waiting for Peter Pan instead the monsters arrived”, Written and drawn by Emiliano Billai, colored by Elena Murgia.

So tell us everything

Lately, many cinematographic, television and literary productions place as the sowing and development point of a story the possibility that, in a modern and technological world such as ours, all the technological advances that make it easier, more comfortable and funnier our life.
And we too found ourselves fantasizing about the possibility that this dystopia transforms into a real and tangible moment of our life, with a small, we realized, difference: What would happen if not so much the comforts and technological advantages were lacking, but the illusion of a sociability that the device has created?

Too many adults have given us the same answer as if they ignored, did not grasp that the question also involved them: "These new digital generations would be lost, incapable, destroyed, useless!"

But we have the doubt that the biggest problem would not be the children or young people just previous, on the contrary! Even many young people would be devastated, but at least the children, in our opinion, would have at their disposal a mechanism that the adult has forgotten or destroyed out of shame or stupidity.

And so the story of the child and his personal, intimate monster under the bed was born.

What do you ask of our readers?

We ask you to participate in this, which we do not want to be a charity collection, but a gesture of trust and curiosity. This is a presale, an advance order that will help us produce a year and a half of work, because the only source we draw from is ours, not even a public cent, but a voluntary, conscious participation in independent production, when independence is not it means "to be small". We want to grow, become big and turn this brig into a professional possibility for as many people as possible. But we need it to be born from below, from people, from people like us, made of normal things not from the Italian waffleism that is dressing every sector.

Buy your copy. We do not want to be a reality of a state mechanism, we want to be a reality of popular power.

Before abandoning ourselves to one of my thoughts, however, I would like to ask a serious question.

Why did you decide to rely on ProduzioniDalBasso for Waiting for Peter Pan instead the Monsters arrived?

“What we do is try to transform the sector, to bring it back to its natural home, to its most fertile environment: people. We are not interested in important tables, we are interested in people. The simple ones, which do not remember the name of Melville but of the white whale Moby Dick. Those who fall in love with stories, not writers.

Could we, on this position, claim the right to take advantage of public money? In short, disposable troughs without accounting for the real lenders: people? it would be hypocritical. This is why we decided to use this method: it was the most effective in addressing our request for help to people. directly to people. After two very tragic years, we managed to keep ourselves afloat but now we need help. That help must come, upon honest request and honest accounting, from the people.

They must know what they are paying for and must freely decide whether or not to invest in us. This is honest, peaceful and clear. We are tired of the realities that public funding misunderstands, as a right to be accountable to no one. that is people's money, and if you spend it you have to give something back, not use it for a sitting room inside an important booth, without worrying about giving an account or service or education to people's stories. for this reason we have also opted for "low production".

If we want to keep this line then we must have the courage to change and trust those who work in this country with us. Don't get it wrong, we're not patriots, we don't like barbed wire borders. but things change one step closer to us at a time. And we're glad we made this decision. The PDB guys never leave us alone, they continue to advise and support us. we are well and certainly not alone. which is very important.

Captain PanHuy
I was waiting for Peter Pan instead the Monsters arrived

Conclusions on Waiting for Peter Pan instead came the Monsters

When we are faced with an independent production we all always cry out for a miracle. What we should ask ourselves is why talent is never actually taken into account. The people behind this project have self-produced so many books, grew up and fought their battles on the stormy ocean of Italian publishing.

You want the global pandemic that has blocked everything and everyone for at least two years, or because of the situation in which publishing is in our country, this project would need all the help it can get to go through. Sorry for the pun.

But the truth is another. The Brigantino, during these two hard years, has been a lifeboat for many people and for this alone it should be presented to our entire audience. In addition to this I would like to invite you, you who read us, to follow the projects of LaPiccolaVolante.

Are you still not sure if you want to participate in the bass production in question? Then I invite you to read the preview of the project, which you can find at this address.