Sometimes it is difficult to talk about people you have known only through their creations.

You can never really express what they have done for you without even having had the opportunity to know them and today, as a few days ago, we are again on these pages to say goodbye to a person who has given a lot to the world of the game .

Greg Stafford
Greg Stafford

Greg Stafford is gone. The news left many stunned, especially at Chaosium, a manufacturer of board and role-playing games that he had helped to found; here in 1975 he launched his first game, a wargame set on Glorantha, a fantasy world to which he was deeply attached and which was for many years the only fantasy production of Chaosium until the publication of Stormbringer, entitled "White Bear and Red Moon ".

(4th edition of the Gdr Pendragon)

His adventure in the world of role-playing games began with the Basic system: do you know it? I am sure so. We tell you just a couple of titles: "Call of Cthulhu" and "King Arthur: Pendragon". This system was just Greg who perfected it, starting from an idea by Steve Perrin. Later they got their hands on Sandy Petersen and Lynn Willis and, again with her help, made it what we know today.

But he was not a visionary only as regards role-playing games: many of his game-level creations were deeply inspired by his spirituality, more precisely by the shamanism he approached during his stay in Mexico, where he explored many places of spiritual interest while teaching English to the natives.

A funny fact that concerns him, and that was almost his fixed thought, was being able to change a name to one of his games with the famous words HeroQuest: ten years after the rights for the well-known board game did not renew the rights name, this was immediately bought by Greg and his world of Glorantha became HeroQuest.

Confused right?

To conclude, we only hope that thanks to his shamanic path he has not completely vanished and can inspire some other game creator in turn by guiding spirit, with his unmistakable mustache and his desire to innovate.