After the concession of the territories by the Siniscalco to the Terzaghi, the family had obtained enough power and knowledge to be able to claim a leading role in Milan. Thanks to the Idroscalo, Sandro had started the construction of their fortress, extracting riches and precious materials from the ground that had brought prosperity and riches to the Family.
The bad news, however, was not yet over for the great head of the family. The Noble Hunters of the City would have disappointed Sandro Terzaghi one last time, before disappearing under the protection of Leonardo Da Vinci. The two guards began to tell a third time; do you remember his expression when ...

Again Sandro Terzaghi's weapon struck the creature, ending its suffering. Unlike many other Hunts, the being he had just killed was no stranger. Once he had been a noble hunter from Milan, he had laughed and suffered for the city, but in the end the shady intrigues in which all of them had been involved had changed him. To pursue forbidden knowledge, to accept offerings capable of corrupting the Blood, why had those fools gone so far?
Without giving respite to anyone, the sword went down again, cutting off an undead that had been sent against him by Gianmaria Odescalchi. At the calm that distinguished him, and that he had rarely abandoned him, the Head of the Terzaghi family had allowed the fury to dominate him in that pitched battle for the survival of Milan. Political games were over and everyone had revealed their cards, revealing themselves for the monsters they had always been. For once, it included the same feeling and the same energy that flowed in the Whip.
Sandro did not know if he would see the sun go down, or the dawn of the following day, but he would die with his weapon tightly in his hands. The Terzaghi represented one of the best chances in Milan not to be razed to the ground by the abominable horde of the Odescalchi.
The gaze of Prince Siniscalco Malus was on them ... but he wasn't the only one. A silent spectator was waiting for the right moment to make his appearance. Sandro was about to fall on Gianmaria Odescalchi when a black shadow darkened the sky. 

The tales of the two guards were interrupted when they heard footsteps coming in their direction. In the dark it was difficult to catch a glimpse of something but, they wondered, were the Nobles Hunters of Milan really the ones who were approaching?

Codex Venator