DISCLAIMER: Codex Venator is one shared campaign for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, created by Andrea Lucca, Alex Melluso and Enrico Romeo. The setting deals with issues such as racism; misogyny; explicit violence; religious extremism; experiments on living creatures; power abuse; limitations on personal freedom and occultism. This is not a setting with light themes and, for this reason, it is good that the reading is reserved for an adult audience.
In no case do the authors of these stories, of the adventures of Codex Venator or of other material derived from it intend to support or justify illegal behavior that is detrimental to the dignity of people.
The Ordo Fabularis thanks Magister Sermonis Alice Gritti for correcting the texts and collaborating in the drafting of the story.

Codex Venator

The basin in which the dark city of Y'ha-nthlei was located, after the extermination ordered by the Terzaghi, offered itself to the sight in all its gloomy splendor. There was no light in the tunnels that led to the wide space, now dried up and deserted, and strange feelings of restlessness accompanied those fools who dared to venture into the darkness.
To guard a crack in the wall, in which Sandro Terzaghi had walked alone, two family guards had been chosen. Protected by their armor and the protection seals of their leader, the two had long understood that to defeat fear they could pray, tell stories or remember what awaited them once they returned home.

That day, or perhaps that week (the passage of time, immersed in the darkness, became complex to follow), the subject of conversation had been the deeds of Sandro. The man who commanded them, and who had ordered to protect that entrance, had decided to face the darkness and darkness inside it for reasons of study and research.
Of course, the two guards did not know what the Head of the House had come for, but the confidence with which he had led them to this place was enough to give them courage. There had been a time when Sandro Terzaghi had been a bulwark for the city of Milan; if it hadn't been for him that day you and I would have surely died ...

The sword fell on the head of the abomination, flooding the armor of the noble Terzaghi with blood as the creature agonized before his eyes. Next to him were representatives of all the major families of Milan, also intent on ending the extermination of those monsters. At that moment Sandro found strength in the knowledge that, all together, the Noble Hunters of Milan could repel any darkness that threatened the City. They were called to a high task, since the population and city guards could not have faced the abominations with as much threat.
Messer Terzaghi believed that Milan would be safe, until the day the Families remembered their mission. The Supreme Inquisitor and Prince Siniscalco would have done everything to divide them, almost expecting it, but they would have been able to resist flattery and threats. They weren't called Noble Hunters for nothing, were they?