Il 2020 it promised to be an excellent year and, from its inception, the community began to rename it "magical year", "year of the double critic" and so on. I was rather skeptical about the concreteness of these prophecies; the 2012 left a sad mark on the calendar. Luckily I was wrong, and this year seems to be starting with a bang. The editorial office is inundated with succulent novelty. First of all, of course, those relating to Codex Venator.

We have ardently and passionately followed this project. The Hunter's Diary, launched by our colleague and friend Simone, is one of the historical pieces of the editorial staff. We voluntarily gave the kick off to something much bigger than us, and we are proud of it. The city of Milano and the adventures of our hunter have inspired countless hosts of hunters, also interested in leaving something for posterity.

codex venator

We therefore announce with great joy the publication of many different Cacciatore writings; follow Pharmacopoeia Arezzo, Bari, Livorno, Lucca, Modena, Napoli, Pavia, Roma Turin e Voghera. Thanks to the Ordo Fabularis they will be written and, just as we did with Guido, we will be able to follow the stories of several Noble Hunters. Also due to the huge amount of material we have no idea of ​​the specific publication order, but we promise to update you soon.

Obviously thanks go to anyone who follows this project, starting with the organizers Andrea Lucca, Enrico Romeo and Adventurers Milan, creators of the Queen City. In which case you don't know Codex Venator (bad) we leave you Wed the link to access manuals, cards and so on. The Site also features a nice map to know where you can play Codex Venator (or where the one closest to you takes place).
Obviously we will continue to follow programs launched by us, first of all Master the Master, which we particularly care about.

Join the Hunt, the time has come!